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  1. Rsd Vs Fm
  2. Prayers please as we are living parents worst nightmare......
  3. has anyone heard of RND? reflex Neurovascular dystrophy - kid version of RSD
  4. i've been approved for the trial scs
  5. Updates
  6. EMG's and RSD
  7. For Us Sweaters.....
  8. What do we really know? OT
  9. Red Dots
  10. Red Dots
  11. Birthday/Halloween party tomorrow night.
  12. I'm baaaaaack!!!
  13. Being Meish & Selfish
  14. Derm Diagnoses
  15. Road Trip!!!!! Yahooooooo!!!!!
  16. Freebies OT
  17. RSD Treatment Questions
  18. 101 Ideas to Empower Persons In Pain to Survive & Thrive!
  19. Anyone consulted Dr. Oaklander?
  20. Looking to leave town lol...scs trial tomorrow
  21. PICC LINE or IV
  22. Anti-depressants And Painkillers Combined Linked To Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  23. Assessment of endothelial function in complex regional pain syndrome type I.
  24. How to improve/ retain skin integrity?
  25. OT:How do I get rid of a possum???
  26. Tea drinking is associated with benefits on bone density in older women
  27. attacking RSD induced swelling with diuretics [not]
  28. Got the trial SCS...sooo happy...
  29. Constipation, what foods are good for it.
  30. Sharing good news!!
  31. More Good News (Tinged with some sad news)
  32. picture says it well..
  33. energy absorption from batteries, etc.
  34. a really bad day
  35. New Blocks-concomitant ketamine
  36. Our first snow.
  37. Dr Schwartzman and company clinical trial/study abstracts
  38. Can Ketamine help with movement problems?
  39. Ot- What Is Up With These Teachers??
  40. Breath taking
  41. hi
  42. Going off for a few days.
  43. I read my angiogram report today
  44. The Various Manifestations of RSD and Their Possible Treatment
  45. I was in an auto accident..... have a few questions
  46. I'm getting my perm SCS on the 20th
  47. Haloween Fun
  48. Suite 101 some good articals here..
  49. Nov. is RSD month
  50. off topic/ My daughter's school....
  51. Chronic Inflammatory Pain after Trauma
  52. Some interesting studys by F Birklein
  53. RSD fits/ convulsions
  54. Blogspot with some good info
  55. I Am Soooo Stupid
  56. Herbal consideration for dystonia.
  57. Dystonia medication facts.. resource guide
  58. This is so awesome!!
  59. Clonidine question.
  60. Ada and Vic.. questions about pc
  61. Lina .bina Welcome
  62. shots and dental work
  63. The syndrome of fixed dystonia: an evaluation of 103 patients
  64. Complete Recovery From Intractable CRPS Type I
  65. Little beauty pagent contestant is gettin the word out about RSD
  66. Pain Management At Sea
  67. Alert Alert Alert
  68. Yesterday was Sooooo Bad!!
  69. Biochemical Origin of Pain
  70. Stress levels out of control.
  71. Effects of a Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor on Postoperative Inflammatory React
  72. Alot of ketamine coma information
  73. Alot of ketamine coma information
  74. I bumped my leg on Tuesday and the pains a lot worse
  75. Montel Williams to do show on RSD
  76. Topamax side effect.....
  77. Can Dystonia cause Balance Problems?
  78. new member looking for help for rsd problems
  79. Closer to getting a baclofen/ pain pump
  80. Question
  81. Getting better!!
  82. First day of school since being giagnosed with RSD
  83. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Education Act
  84. RSD and Nausea
  85. Ketamine Injection May Treat Depression Much Faster
  86. just an fyi for scs owners
  87. whats up everybody
  88. RSD Questions
  89. Happy Birthday Rosie!!! (Frogga)
  90. Allen, question about your leg
  91. Handicap parkin!
  92. Hi, new to this community
  93. Update on Alison progress
  94. So Happy!!!!!!
  95. Numbness in hand at night.
  96. Major Venting
  97. VP CRPS Type II
  98. Broken leads
  99. Off subject, but these things seem crazy to me.
  100. new to board
  101. PT - Your experiences?
  102. Seeing Consultant to Discuss Concerns - Advice Wanted
  103. need some encouragement, I guess
  104. Arachnoiditis.. check this out caused by nerve blocks?
  105. Dysesthetic Burning "If it isn't strange, it isn't dysesthetic."
  106. Just a shout to everyone
  107. RSD in Children a 43 Minute Video
  108. Patterns of spread.. RSD clinical trial (repost)
  109. Methadone and Amitriptyline- Bad Combination?
  110. Stellate Ganglion block Question
  111. Just Curious....Question
  112. For Ali and other kids
  113. Need to know???
  114. Drs. response
  115. Just back from Hospital
  116. No Soaring With Eagles
  117. Add this to my list...grr
  118. Medicare open enrollment for those of you in the US
  119. difference in length of time between blocks
  120. Hurt my knee
  121. TEC soon - at Childrens Hospital
  122. Troubled with holidays
  123. RSD (CRPS) and Migraines
  124. Greetings from Anatevka
  125. quick question
  126. Oh nooooooooooooo.....
  127. Daughters Rsd looks like it spread
  128. Watching Funny Shows Helps Children Tolerate Pain For Longer Periods
  129. Treatment Blocks Pain Without Disrupting Other Functions
  130. International Cannabinoids Symposium: 10 March 2008, UK
  131. Resolution of an Aggressive Ideopathic Diskitis
  132. 'Mystery pains left me in a wheelchair' (12 year old girl)
  133. Signs And Symptoms Of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy:
  135. Tomorrow I get the scs
  136. Does anyone here have RSD in their face?
  137. Matted hair
  138. Southern California pain doctor?
  139. Happy Thanksgiving
  140. some inresting develoents (articles)
  141. Ketamine treatments being done in Monterrey, Mexico?
  142. Pregablyn (Lyrica) clinical trails in phase 2
  143. New news artical out on RSD (short but good)
  144. Cancer research will end up being very important to us too methinks (research)
  145. Help! Knees and Elbows
  146. Sympathetic nerve block markedly enhances tissue oxygen delivery during HBOT
  147. Poem
  148. Anyone else having trouble with their teeth?
  149. Thanks Sandel
  150. Have any of you got ANS failure?
  151. Dysautonomia, POTS, FMS, RSD (some links)
  152. 17 clinical trial studys to do with CRPS
  153. Hi all I am back and have a question
  154. A little bit of hair lose informatoin and herbal remides to help!
  155. Another Pain Doc?
  156. Stories of Hope and Transformation (this is good)
  157. New to Forum : - )
  158. Why would a Physio ask this...?
  159. Things have been rough for me.
  160. RSD and nail loss
  161. I'm back with my scs
  162. OT, but happy about it
  163. Poem.. Please dont laugh
  164. Methotrexate for RSD Joint Pain?
  165. Japanese (translated) Dr written artical on RSD (very interesting)
  166. Thinking of Trying HBOT
  167. Good friends
  168. Maybe some hope?!
  169. Have a question about pain in another way.
  170. Question, please!
  171. This made me smile today
  172. Efficacy of pregabalin in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia.
  173. RSD and Pain Meds Help
  174. The thanks button and reading dificultys..
  175. sympathetic nerve block
  176. OT?: Breathing brains harmful.
  177. Antidepressants Like Prozac, Zoloft Linked to Lower Bone Density in Senior Citizens
  178. Is MJ the right medicine for you? (book exerpt)
  179. Test For Old Kids
  180. New clinical trial (vestibular stimulation) now recruting
  181. Spinal Treatment Useful for Painful Syndrome in Children?
  182. CRPS-throughout entire body, Allodynia, underlining Arthritis!! 17 yr old, HELP!! :(
  183. Is the Baclofen working?
  184. Activis fentanyl patch
  185. Welcome Walkofflame..
  186. cranial nerve involvement
  187. This is an interesting article:
  188. Happy Holidays!
  189. SCS now out
  190. Generic Firm Commences Gabapentin Recall (FDA Alert)
  191. Shuting down my VNS.
  192. I've been called one in a million...but???
  193. Chronic pain patients are impaired on an emotional decision-making task
  195. Successful treatment for 9 year old (case study) lidocane mix
  196. Just began Opana and Lyrica
  197. Another Flare...?
  198. Avery777 Withdrawel
  199. Update
  200. how is everyone?
  201. Help with swelling?
  202. Is anyone doing ketamine infusion in Denver, who can help Jennifer?
  203. Oxycodone patch?
  204. 5 Phase bone scan study
  205. Important Information for the Safe Use of Fentanyl (Patch) Dec 21 07
  206. Collateral Meridian Therapy Alleviates Intractable Pain and Disablity in CRPS Patient
  207. advice
  208. Any ideas on how to make my family understand what is up with me??
  209. just checking in
  210. New newspaper artical about CRPS
  211. Holiday Greetings!!
  212. Response from CMT people
  213. Ketamine trial (10 day)
  214. NEW CRPSer HERE
  215. Had a great Christmas but....
  216. Pycnogenol a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant (Tree bark)
  217. The neurocognitive effects of 5 day anesthetic ketamine
  218. Hi From Washington State
  219. Arm Swelling Is Down!
  220. Just Poking Around
  221. Spreading-how do you know?
  222. What does CRPS-pain feel like
  223. Upper extremity CRPS II and need another surgery
  224. Cold Hands and Feet
  225. Collateral Meridian Therapy Alleviates Intractable Pain and Disablity in CRPS Study
  226. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-6 and CRPS
  227. Hospitals or Clinics that Cater to RSD
  228. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  229. High doses of vitamins are dangerous, UK report
  230. Wii game as a theraputic tool worked for a child with CRPS
  231. My story.. Helpppp
  232. TV news on RSD and LSB's
  233. Wine waste shows promise for dental health
  234. neurofibroma? and RSD?
  235. RSD in Remission
  236. Ada
  237. Can anyone relate or advise???
  238. Protein found that may provide relief from neuropathic pain
  239. Hello all!!!
  240. Power of Pure Oxygen Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  241. Bill To Improve Detection Of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Becomes Law
  242. Help Please!!
  243. nan17051 RSDS
  244. Medicin?
  245. Battling to beat the odds
  246. What are Vitamins and Minerals?
  247. Dental prob's and RSD link??
  248. Eating Plan that heals inflammation
  249. No SGB Today Afterall! :(
  250. New user with CRPS and TOS