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  1. more on "the spiritual"
  2. Please say a prayer
  3. we entertain angels unaware
  4. the "Eye in The Sky" or, "something is watching over you"
  5. Spirtual Comfort
  6. Hello God
  7. Please pray for me
  8. I can use some Thoughts and Prayers Today
  9. miracles or mere coincidence?
  10. Prayer Request
  11. Mary & Martha: Balancing Life's Priorities
  12. This weeks devotion from Max Lucado
  13. Pray for our son please
  14. Please send healing thoughts...
  15. Dancing With God
  16. Under a Rock
  17. Give Your Worries To God
  18. Please, I need some prayers /postive thoughts.....
  19. Please pray for Arkansas
  20. Please, please say a prayer for a stranger...
  21. Nasty Weather in Florida and SouthEast
  22. Please pray
  23. Help, I'm sinking deeper...
  24. Me, Me, Me!
  25. NOT in the name of God
  26. the Peace to your heart thread
  27. A Revelation
  28. Prayers needed.... please.
  29. People you would love to share a campfire with in Heaven
  30. An awful confession!
  31. A Question About Prayer
  32. Need Prayers Please
  33. Always There
  34. Need prayers for making a tough choice
  35. Prayer for toothache pain
  36. Three Bullets
  37. A Soldier's Prayer at Easter
  38. Paul Potts Incredible Voice and Inspiration
  39. Please pray for Earl's surgery
  40. Frighten
  41. Do I scream, or do I cry??
  42. Christ's Love for You Endures
  43. I need divine intervention or just answers
  44. Hairdoctor
  45. Please Pray for Our Children
  46. Thank You God!!!
  47. Son was baptized today!!
  48. My buddy needs prayers
  49. My daughter
  50. Until then ...
  51. Prayers for Curious please
  52. Good luck and prayers for Kell...
  53. Prayers Needed & Some Good New
  54. A small prayer request for my son
  55. Amazing Grace!
  56. Prayers for stepmom
  57. Prayers for my Mom
  58. Please Remember Caleb
  59. Unusual Request...
  60. Lord, I Love Thee!
  61. Out of the mouths of babes...
  62. Prayers needed 4 my momma<3
  63. My day....
  64. prayer request
  65. Another prayer request
  66. Prayers for DD college trip
  67. Sister's Surgery
  68. I saw GOD today...
  69. Prayers for Renee's (afwifeRM) hubby
  70. My return to church after surgery/rehab
  71. prayers for my grandson
  72. Prayers for stepmom's impending surgery
  73. Prayers Needed, so sad, you will cry
  74. I hesitate to ask....
  75. Prayer request
  76. Serious prayers needed
  77. Another prayer request for my mom
  78. Kidney Transplant Tomorrow - Prayers Needed
  79. "Ode to Healing"
  80. Just wanted to share.
  81. Oklahoma City Bombing 13th Anniversary
  82. God's Hands
  83. Passover Greetings
  84. Songs that Inspire and Encourage us........
  85. Begin with Peace Within
  86. God's Yellow Pages
  87. Ten Guidelines From God
  88. Stepmom's surgery
  89. This weeks devotion by Max Lucado
  90. I have a prayer request
  91. How is Southie?
  92. Thank you (an update of my stepmom)
  93. Florida Fires
  94. China's terrible earthquake
  95. Sinking Sand
  96. what a friend we have in Jesus -and it's author true story
  97. prayers for my dear niece
  98. Prayer request
  99. A way to praise God - with signs and wonders
  100. Emergency Telephone Numbers
  101. Prayer request for The Long War's Warriors
  102. You are Special - Max Lucado
  103. Amazing Grace...Just the black notes
  104. Need prayer
  105. Terrible Tragedy
  106. Steven Curtis Chapman
  107. Former Idol Contestant diagnosed w/Hodgkins Lymphoma
  108. When does "remission" occur?
  109. Dottie Rambo
  110. Unfolding the Rose
  111. Thank you God
  112. It's getting worse,the family are in alienation toward me,cold feeling
  113. Neurologist, choir explore music's healing power
  114. Worth It All
  115. Prayers for Moosesaurus and family
  116. Sad One
  117. Healing and caring thoughts will suffice
  118. Prayers are needed
  119. Help... please... prayer...healing thoughts... please.
  120. My Son...
  121. It' S Only A Quarter
  122. A Mantra & Some Relaxation Music
  123. Let Go, and LET GOD
  124. Urgent and long-term prayers, PLEASE!
  125. Unemcumbered by her physical body
  126. A Father's Love - Wow!
  127. Sandcastles
  128. finding favor
  129. This is so beautiful!!!!!
  130. Need prayers for our best friends
  131. Need prayers for my MIL
  132. Hope
  133. Prayer Request for Christine and Christopher
  134. Update on my brother
  135. Had a Spirit Moment Today
  136. tkrik's daughter needs your prayers!
  137. healing plants -food and oils from the Bible
  138. Prayer for Broken Friend
  139. Thumbtack Attack
  140. God's Pharmacy
  141. PRAISE for answered prayers
  142. Good thoughts, prayers, hugs needed
  143. Testimony of a Resurrection: Stillborn Baby Raised by Praying Teens
  144. I Welcome any prayer, meditation, postive thoughts, positive energies...
  145. Daughter and friends are in CO, with possibly a non-drivable van
  146. A little something for everyone
  147. In need of stength.....
  148. Words Worth Quoting
  149. I need courage
  150. Taste My Jesus
  151. A Hug and a Prayer
  152. My Son
  153. Needing prayers
  154. Prayers for Members in Texas
  155. DD16 going to Mexico without me
  156. My MIL needs some prayers
  157. praying for the all the Neurotalk members
  158. I have an unusual prayer request...
  159. In the Lion's Den: For those in need of protection.
  160. Prayers would be greatly appreciated
  161. Does anyone have the cd's they have on tv?
  162. Daily Things
  163. Thanks for your prayers- DD and Mexico
  164. Weird Question but, how do you pray?
  165. Bitter Legacy of American Indian Boarding Schools
  166. Sade One (Denise)
  167. Prayers For Amn's Dad ~
  168. Steven Curtis Chapman
  169. Spiritual Psychologists....do they exist?
  170. Life is a Gift of God
  171. DM needs our prayers
  172. Pray for Frank
  173. Prayers for Richard
  174. Holding WhoMoi and Spanish Moss
  175. be calm - have peace -M'eye Art slideshow
  176. The Many Names of CHRIST
  177. The Old Paths
  178. Hurricane Fay Heads for Florida
  179. Prayers for Koala's son
  180. Prayers needed for my son...
  181. urgent prayer needed
  182. I need to be uplifted and strength...please help!
  183. Blue roses
  184. Prayers for sweet Nik-key
  185. Prayers for ALL in path of Hurricane Gustav
  186. Prayers for my family
  187. Prayers needed
  188. help needed
  189. inspirational photos w/ quotes
  190. Saying HI and needing prayers!
  191. DS and severe reaction to meningitis shot
  192. Thank you for your prayers!
  193. Please Remember BOTH of my kiddos in Your Prayers
  194. Hurricane IKE- all in the path
  195. Prayers Needed for Little Caden Chapin
  196. Please Pray for my Uncle Dean
  197. Doody's Dad
  198. Southie needs our Prayers
  199. Inspirational Video
  200. Update on Little Caden - Prayers Still Needed
  201. For A Limited Time.............
  202. Ecclastiates 3
  203. Bible on One Page
  204. Pray for these who are on this video drug resistant TB...-& s pray one for another...
  205. Curiosity or Compassion?
  206. Prayers for Sarah & Madeline
  207. Please Pray for Denise "Sad One"
  208. Christian devotional: My Utmost For His Highest
  209. The Chain of Ungrace
  210. Prayers for Polar Express
  211. Prayers for AMN
  212. Iraq's Christians Ask For Protection
  213. Prayer
  214. Prayers for my DH
  215. Prayer for my Dad
  216. Please say a prayer for me and my husband
  217. Don't be a duck
  218. I Saw Heaven
  219. Your prayers requested please
  220. On the subject of needing prayers..
  221. Whew! A Near-Tragedy
  222. For Everyone
  223. Frank (Weegot5kiz) is in the hospital
  224. Any Spiritual Humanists here??
  225. Predictions No Matter Who Wins the Election
  226. On His Shoulders
  227. Big Blessing!
  228. Prayers needed for missing child at son's school
  229. Prayer request for my Dad
  230. Bible Brain Teaser
  231. People who have a mental illness feel that God has cursed them
  232. Part 2- Jordan Rubin - Essential info from the Word/ Bible
  233. Prayers requested..I don't know if I can go through with this!
  234. Prayers requested
  235. I Prayed for you today
  236. Sad..Sad news .... They found Brandon's body
  237. Pain...
  238. an encouraging perspective: flawed & frail
  239. Finding Joy .....
  240. Shelley
  241. My mom was rushed to the hospital this morning
  242. What an inspiration.....
  244. Prayers for my Son and Grandaughter
  245. Prayers Needed
  246. 1700 people attended Brandon's funeral today
  247. Prayers needed, please.
  248. Prayers Needed Please
  249. The 7 Ups!
  250. thank you card