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  1. Prayers for all impacted by the Mumbai terror attacks
  2. positive healing thoughts asked for my friend
  3. Prayers for Baby Connor
  4. Don't be a Scrooge
  5. Prayers for my son valued
  6. An Interview with God...
  7. Be
  8. Why did Jesus fold the Napkin?
  9. if you don't mind keeping my moss in your thoughts...
  10. Prayer for reyn
  11. I need prayers
  12. Prayer Request For Yeahbut's daughter
  13. Breath of Heaven
  14. Please pray for my Mom
  15. Badly needed prayer for pono
  16. Prayer for the Middle East situation
  17. Please pray for me
  18. prayers for my father, my daddy!!
  19. for my father...
  20. A prayer for my hubby please.....
  21. Please remember me and dh in your prayers
  22. If you don't mind please....
  23. Praying for other and support for our family
  24. Dog Whisperer gives solid advice for humans and pets
  25. God was in the building!
  26. Prayers for Koala...
  27. Need prayers
  28. Honesty in Prayer
  29. Old Testament, or New?
  30. newbie
  31. Prayers for DH
  32. Prayers Needed for Debby, who's Daughter Passed away.
  33. "When God takes something from your grasp...
  34. We need all the help we can get…….
  35. Little Boy'Explanation of God
  36. A week ago the Hospice nurse gave Dad 1 week
  37. fight negative thinking and stress~
  38. God's accuracy
  39. Cell phone vs. Bible
  40. Prayers Needed
  41. Update on family
  42. Please, help me asking God to forgive me...
  43. Australians need your prayers.
  44. Update on Little Caden - Losing his Battle
  45. prayers needed
  46. Prayers for lost souls from Buffalo Plane Crash
  47. Prayer for Sunday
  48. Hard Monday
  49. God bless you all !
  50. Need your prayers (again !), this time for my father...
  51. Please pray for my family. (sorry for being so long)
  52. Prayer Works
  53. Christians By Maya Angelou
  54. God can and will so wonderful things!!
  55. Need some prayers
  56. Prayer
  57. Please say a prayer for my mom..
  58. Prayers needed for this friday ! Professional exam !
  59. My ears are ringing at night.
  60. My son lost his half brother today
  61. What happens in heaven
  62. Help
  63. Thank you for your prayers, Bob is at peace
  64. Nappy needs us all...
  65. Purpose of life?
  66. For Tamiloo & her Nieces Carrie, Amy Tina and Mary
  67. Prayers please for dd in hospital with pneumonia
  68. United States Map
  69. Lord help
  70. wow! reality check!!
  71. One flaw of women...
  72. Risk and Freedom
  73. Ten Things You Never Regret
  74. Passover Greetings
  75. Happy Good Friday
  76. Easter's Sun
  77. The Bible on one page
  78. Doodys Mom...
  79. Something beautiful
  80. Rules from God for 2009
  81. Brokenfriend
  82. Allergy and vertigo problems.
  83. Job Loss interview Link of me and dh
  84. A Question of Faith
  85. Suffering
  86. Just a Moment
  87. Opening Pandoras box ?
  88. To All The Wonderful Mothers
  89. Do you understand why ?
  90. The Other Woman
  91. Life Choices
  92. What can I do to stop being disappointed about waiting for Jesus to come?
  93. The sneeze
  94. some of the major "marriage killers" that are most responsible for the high divorce
  95. TheCatsMeow needs your prayers
  96. A.s.a.p.
  97. Open my eyes Lord
  98. We Will Remember Them
  99. Say a prayer for me please ! Need to find myself !
  100. Opening old wounds and holidays
  101. A important meeting
  102. CPA Exam Tomorrow
  103. Prayers needed for my Cousion please
  104. Prayers for Moi...
  105. Prayers needed
  106. Our Abasaki...
  107. My dear niece
  108. 15 Things God Won't Ask
  109. :) Hallelujah...I just walked!!!
  110. The Wicker Basket
  111. Prayers Needed For My Step-Nanan and Her Family Please!!
  112. prayer request
  113. A low point in life
  114. I don't have the strength to retype this...sorry.
  115. Please say a prayer for my aunt
  116. Please Pray for my Dad
  117. Cemetery Escort Duty:
  118. Just such a heavy heart and overwhelmed
  119. i love this place
  120. We lost my grandmother last night.
  121. SandyC & Her Mom need our prayers . . .
  122. It's so difficult to ask for your prayer...
  123. legal issues are moving forward making a heavy heart
  124. Thought for the day
  125. Prayers Needed for Nephew
  126. oldblue
  127. The tapestries that help completes life....
  128. "scars of life"
  129. I don't want to hurt my Spirit
  130. Please keep my nephew in your prayers...
  131. The Worry Box
  132. Perception
  133. My GOD is just a Breathe away!
  134. Prayers needed for my Olhipie and I...
  135. FOOTPRINTS...A New Version
  136. Family troubles
  137. Please delete my post if inappropriate
  138. Amazing Grace
  139. Please Pray for us
  140. "The Seed"
  141. A dear friend needs prayers...
  142. please pray for us
  143. My friend James
  144. How to stay young
  145. w.w.j.d
  146. Prayers needed
  147. Please Pray For My BIL & His Family
  148. Could you help me with your prayers please ?
  149. love dare
  150. Big day is nearing
  151. Grandma's Hands
  152. Life is Hard, But God is Good...All the Time
  153. Prayers Needed
  154. You might be a Redneck..... a different take
  155. Please pray for me.
  156. Prayers needed for my MIL
  157. Elderly woman witnesses to man trying to rob her
  158. Prayers for my Auntie
  159. 27th October... Important day for me...
  160. ODB 10/20/09 How To Help Those Who Hurt
  161. Prayer request for Jim
  162. Please pray for me.
  163. My Son needs your prayers.
  164. Daughter Needs Comfort
  165. Depends on Whose Hands It's In!
  166. Prayers please...
  167. Check In, Hugs and Prayers
  168. My beautiful niece Tina has cancer.
  169. Please pray for me
  170. Prayers needed.
  171. Hanukkah Blessings
  172. Open My Eyes Lord!
  173. My son needs prayers
  174. Where's the line to see Jesus?
  175. Christmas LEtter (Looooong post... )
  176. God's Special Place
  177. My first christmas in heaven...
  178. The Gate of The Year
  179. Nice song for the New Year
  180. Strong prayer chain ASAP emotional support
  181. Please pray for me.
  182. Prayers for Haiti
  183. please pray for abbie
  184. The Lord's Prayer cleverly expressed
  185. I didn't see this coming.
  186. Asking for Prayers for some dear friends of mine
  187. What we cannot recover in life...
  188. Please pray for me.
  189. Top 10 Predictions for 2010
  190. Asking for prayer, for myself this time
  191. Special Request ... not for me
  192. If you have some spare time, PLEASE help me with a prayer :)
  193. I have avoided that it is Easter, or did it happen too soon?
  194. The Empty Egg
  195. Burned biscuits. don't they look good?
  196. Struggling
  197. Please Pray For My Nephew's Daughter
  198. On Suffering
  199. Secret of Contentment
  200. So Scared....
  201. Blessed are the broken hearted
  202. Prayers for my sons' friend
  203. Don't Waste Your (Insert Disease/Disability)
  204. Trying to get in contact with DiMarie
  205. ramblings from the beaten down and tired
  206. Smile...God Loves You!
  207. Mary's Lamb
  208. Cancer takes another
  209. Hurricane Earl:Prayers for all in the vicinity
  210. my son tried to end his life yesterday afternoon
  211. Please pray for my great aunt
  212. When medical science fails to help
  213. Prayer request for my brother
  214. Our soldiers
  215. prayer request for my family
  216. Need prayer,and love
  217. The old paths
  218. A dog's prayer
  219. prayer request for my family
  220. Please pray for my Mom and Hubby
  221. Please pray for my nephew...
  222. headaches
  223. Kitty's quote in action, a soaring eagle tributing a fallen hero
  224. Psalms 147:10-11
  225. Believe
  226. Our Burdens
  227. True Story: An eye witness account from New York
  228. RIP Elizabeth Edwards
  229. Grace for the Spaces
  230. Praise the Lord!
  231. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  232. please pray for ALL of our friends here
  233. Tricia's Dad........
  234. I'm all "prayed" out!
  235. Prayer for the New Year
  236. Prayer for my sister
  237. What A Day That Will Be
  238. Truisms
  239. Dear Friends
  240. Our grandbaby needs your prayers.
  241. Flowers in Winter
  242. Please pray for dear friend...
  243. I pray God's blessings manifest in your lives in 2011!!!!
  244. Please pray for my Aunty
  245. Four years since our loss, thank you for prayers
  246. Please Pray For My Sister
  247. praying always one for another that we shall be healed...
  248. Some of these are golden.
  249. words to inspire
  250. 3 steps backwards