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  1. PAN praises FDA funding increase
  2. Our dear friend Harley (Laura)
  3. What Makes You Laugh????
  4. inappropriate behavior
  5. GDNF used in experiments with rats for alcoholism research
  6. Welcome Engie48
  7. ?how relaxation decreases inflammation and stress increases it
  8. Depression and the foggy days -
  9. The blood-brain barrier in health and chronic neurodegenerative disorders
  10. Paula
  11. GDNF even stops you drinking!!
  12. A New "Trick" for when you can't walk
  13. LDN and DM together
  14. Evidence that Craniosacral therapy relieves PD Symptoms
  15. Life Expectancy Reaches New Record...The decreases/death rate for PD due to chance?
  16. Scientists Say Cure for Parkinson's Disease Right under Their Noses
  17. my airport reading...Forbes Magazine...Special Report: Stem Cells Get Real
  18. Treatment Modalities for Parkinson's Disease
  19. Thumbs up for Mucuna Pruriens
  20. Teva says Azilect slows progression of Parkinson's
  21. How To Bolster Your Blood-Brain Barrier
  22. neupro patch when you com'n back
  23. Azilect with General Anesthetic
  24. The Ultimate Cure?
  25. Tim Russert's Heart Attack: Can It Happen To You?
  26. Gene Testing -California Orders To Stop Gene Testing!
  27. permanent acupuncture implants and my story
  28. GDNF discovery: production increased as side effect of hallucinogenic drug, ibocaine
  29. USDA approves Requip XL
  30. Uni studies exercise benefits for Parkinson's sufferers
  31. Hope Drives SuperWalk for Parkinson's Goal of $2.5 Million
  32. Suven Life starts clinical trials of its molecule
  33. PDF 2nd Parkinson's Science: Innovations and New Perspectives edu symposium & webcast
  34. Cell phone usage ---- Something to think about!
  35. Not an official weekly check-in thread, but how is everone doing?
  36. A Chip to Better Control Brain Stimulators for Parkinson's
  37. Jacqueline Narnor - 36 - 'I don't want to be hidden away'
  38. MIT Unlocks Mystery Behind Brain Imaging Star-Shaped Brain Cells Shown/Play Key Role
  39. Canadians? Is it true they are banning vitamin C in your country?
  40. Problems with typing lately - fingers getting mixed up.
  41. PDF Statement - a must read!
  42. Parkinson's cure possible in next decade: expert
  43. A lose-lose situation...Who is to blame??
  44. A questionnaire-based (UM-PDHQ) study of hallucinations in Parkinson's disease
  45. Cloned cells treat Parkinson's in mice
  46. GDNF importance in transplanted mouse tissue dopamine neuron viability
  47. ABC: Nightline Wednrsday, June 25
  48. Feedback loops in PD
  49. Ibogaine, GDNF and Parkinson's disease
  50. Ginseng is a miracle
  51. Computational Systems Analysis of Dopamine Metabolism
  52. Shared history of Parkinson's patients has researchers looking for answers
  53. my mother has ovarian cancer... questions
  54. Battle looms in right-to-die initiative...Former Wash. State Governor fronting cause
  55. Advanced symptoms?
  56. 7 Missouri Counties...Humana to Allow Early Prescription Refills in Missouri Disaster
  57. High Cholesterol Can Increase Risk of Parkinson's Disease
  58. 12 food Additives to AVOID -
  59. Univ of Pitt Team Receives $2.5 Million to Simulate and Analyze Brain, etc.
  60. SLV308...New Hope for Parkinson's Patients
  61. Spheramine "Five Year In" Presentations ...
  62. Ginsing
  63. Early on-set in SW Ohio
  64. What do you do if you miss med time...
  65. A Novel Approach - Study Will Provide Cash Payments..To Take Medications On Time
  66. One Centimetre is enough...finding the connection between trace metals and neurologic
  67. From Respected Cardiologist to PD Patient...'Life in the Balance' Chronicles His PD
  68. Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada...Benefit concert for Parkinson's Disease July 6
  69. hypnotherapist on youtube - neurology and anxiety...
  70. The Brain that Changes Itself - Norman Doidge, MD
  71. When you really stop to think about it...
  72. Himalayan salt -colored pink -is good for the brain!
  73. Our own jburns..." Do you want to be a guinea pig?"
  74. Proof: 4 impulse control disorders: problem, pathologic gambling, compulsive buying
  75. Katie Hood on Huffington Post blog
  76. EMEA...EMEA Recommends Warnings / Ergot-derived Dopamine Agonists, Europed Dopamine
  77. the "internet" is policed in USA - be watchful of your words
  78. Hey more money
  79. WSJ: What's at Stake in the Medicare Showdown
  80. Weekly Check-In June 29-July 5
  81. Loving Yourself
  82. Ii heard from Teresa!
  83. The Untrue Belief Template
  84. UK to speed up drug approval ...
  85. psychological trauma
  86. The Oregon Rally Group Presents: The Rally Against Parkinson's, July 5th, 2008
  87. Jewish Family/Children's Service in Waltham, MA runs a marvelous dance program for PD
  88. hospital stay.. interesting stuff
  89. The Big talk @ in the USA -where- NIH... when -in 1999 -
  90. The Big change of Mind -
  91. versed for colonoscopy procedure
  92. Mucuna warning!
  93. I'm a newbie. Here's My Story...
  94. who's from washington state?
  95. Spheramine(R): did not meet Phase IIb study's primary or key sec endpoints
  96. "Death With Dignity" initiative deserves dignified consideration
  97. Epsom Salts for dyskinesia?
  98. APDAs center at Stanford University...Classes teach dance to Parkinson's patients
  99. $950,000 In Seed Grants Awarded By The Parkinson's Disease Foundation
  100. New Jersey...Bicyclists of all ages saddle up Sunday, Oct. 5, inaugural Jake's Ride
  101. L-dopa and summer heat = illusions
  102. Clinical trials - one more time
  103. Why is it that ...
  104. Vancouver, Canada...SuperWalk for Parkinsonís this September 2008
  105. Azilect
  106. Weekly Check-In July 6-12, 2008
  107. It is 16 years since the 1976 Olympic gold medallist won 1500metres at the
  108. Treatment cancellations - could there be a flaw in clinical trial design?
  109. "Accidental Fungus" May Provide Cancer Cure
  110. Fascinating new information
  111. Forbes -`Public' online spaces don't carry speech, rights
  112. World's Greatest Medical Advancements -by Jon Barron
  113. the book, "The Body Electric," validates the electrical frequency of the human body
  114. DBS superior to medication, but...
  115. how is this possible-Fox to return to TV?
  116. contradictions
  117. Azilect.....comments?????
  118. "...an exceedingly rare view of the system at work".
  119. The Great Drug Debate -[drug testing]
  120. Google -global health map
  121. we do not have direct democracy in the USA
  122. A Death in Edmonds - drugs cause death -2 conflicting articles on PD
  123. Brainstem implant turns off dad's 8 years of Parkinson's tremors
  124. useful smmary : Developments on the Horizon for PD
  125. Consider the possible implications
  126. apology
  127. PARKIES do the Tango to improve life? - medical study video
  128. a new dbs?
  129. MJF funded trials of "cogane" --oral drug which increases GDNF
  130. making fun of Michael J. Fox -on youtube?
  131. Muscle Cramps and Spasms: The Electrolyte Misconnection
  132. OT but vitally important to us all
  133. Some drugs can cause overheating
  134. Pd Pipeline "list" of cancelled treatment developments
  135. United Kingdom: East Midlands gets US-based NPF Top rating for Parkinson's team
  136. Creatine has wide range of benefit
  137. US News and Word Report's Best Hospitals Honor Roll
  138. Sue and Mark Peterson help raise money for research with every turn of the wheel
  139. Weekly Check-In July 13-19, 2008
  140. Brain rebuilding
  141. I have a theory about DBS.
  142. If only every member of Congress were to have PD...
  143. 2008 to date: Payment of fees to attorneys and others for representing Social Securit
  144. WEMove: Long-term Experience with Duodenal Levodopa for Advance Parkinsonís Disease
  145. Social Security News: Powerful TV Story On Backlogs (VIDEO Story)
  146. ibogaine patent details
  147. PAN Urges Congress to Override President's Medicare Veto
  148. NETRP Program Briefing a Success!
  149. NY Times Editorial: Medicareís Bias
  150. Brain shrinks faster when not in use
  151. Cognitive decline seen after deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease
  152. Bromocriptine, new warning
  153. Group home for PWP?
  154. Cleveland: Bicycle Study..."The tremors improved by about 35 percent in the study"
  155. Peterborough,UK...Parkinson's Disease Society: Parkinson's help available at open
  156. CT Scans May Cause Medical Device Malfunction/pacemakers, defibrillators, neurostimul
  157. Immune System Hyperactive?
  158. use of cold virus to deliver GDNF into mice for Huntington's disease
  159. MJ Fox returns to acting
  160. Sleep/nightmares
  161. OT - Do you actually know this - US President's are not elected by the popular vote.
  162. Parkinson's or Addison's
  163. Rambling at the dinner hour
  164. Circadian rhythms
  165. Dancing in The Rain.
  166. A puzzlement
  167. TEDTALKS video -The Brain in LOVE
  168. Question about Cogwheel Rigidity
  169. Went to a different neurologist
  170. Pollyannas Anonymous
  171. PDF Champions Marathon Team
  172. Apokyn vial life
  173. Postage stamp for Parkinson's disease
  174. emotional abuse
  175. Weekly Check-In July 20-26, 2008 Welcome Newcomers!!
  176. A MUST READ :The Mind-Body Connection: Fear Manifests in Many Diseases (Part 1)
  177. Smoking wards off Parkinson's disease !!??
  178. Got Anthocyanins?
  179. l-dopa and vitamin B
  180. Bought a new bike.
  181. PWP w/o caregivers
  182. wet t-shirt contest
  183. PET and SPECT Scans
  184. Neuroinflammation and enbrel update...
  185. Mucuna, tryptamines, and parkinson's
  186. group home - hurdles
  187. group home - solutions
  188. Why no trials yet of tnf-a and il-1 antagonists?
  189. Toronto, Canada...SuperWalk Funds Cutting Edge Research / Links toxins and PD
  190. University of Wisconsin professor helps find link to Parkinson's cause
  191. WashingtonState: Thousands join state program to help cut costs of medicine
  192. MJFox Foundation Awards $2.4 Million For Validation Of Nine Therapeutic Targets
  193. Understanding How Neurons Communicate May Help Treat Brain Disorders
  194. Mad as a Hatter - toxic metals
  195. Blood-related genetic mechanisms found important in Parkinson's disease
  196. Have scientists discovered a cure for Alzheimer's?
  197. Finding May Lead to New Treatment for Parkinson?s
  198. More drug company scandals
  199. Free Lecture... Coping with Depression and Parkinson's Disease, Portland, OR
  200. Antihistamine Dimebon improves dementia
  201. Freemont, CA...Parkinson's can't stop painter at Fremont's "Art in the Garden"
  202. MJFox Awards $2.7 Million for Industry Efforts to Speed New Parkinson's Therapeutics
  203. Patents morally unacceptable
  204. Neuronal cultured cell deaths due to withdrawl of GDNF and BDNF
  205. New study finds toxins in household fragrances
  206. Am I Going to Die?...A physician hosp-ized in the ICU /valuable lesson as a patient
  207. OFF TOPIC: The stigma of being mentally ill
  208. For all bike racing nuts and their friends and family who also are into bike racing
  209. Bristol Meyers Squibb indicates that using precious metals in the presence of CANCER
  210. What are Mirror Neurons? watch on NOVA
  211. creating stem cells without the use of human embryos -watch breakthrough on NOVA
  212. World's Greatest Medical Failures -
  213. I'm Getting a Second Opinion. Please Read.
  214. Symptoms
  215. Words from Robin Elliott
  216. NuPathe Gets $30M to Fund Migraine, Parkinson's Patch
  217. Patient accessible electronic medical records
  218. I'm going for a second sleep study on Sat.
  219. This is Where I Grew Up
  220. welders get burned?
  221. Anyone see this? Thoughts?
  222. reclaiming myself. thank you jaye
  223. Exploding head syndrome
  224. Researchers Find Link Between Dementia And Sound Processing
  225. Understanding Of Neurodegenerative Disease May Result From New Study Of Gene Evolutio
  226. How the drug industry distorts medicine and politics.
  227. Physicak Activity -for PD - curezone.com?
  228. Weekly Check-In July 27-Aug 2, 2008
  229. OT-off topic/ The 2008 Perseid Meteor Shower - August 12
  230. the Motherlode of stem cells?
  231. Where's Vicky?
  232. msg in vaccines/neurotoxicity
  233. yesterday I would have fired both barrels
  234. Ldopa to dopamine to epinephrine?
  235. How Food Affects Your Behavior - Dr. Russell Blaylock - neurosurgeon
  236. access to old archived mgh threads?
  237. a ray of hope? Putting Drug Development in Patiens' hands
  238. YOPN in August
  239. A long road...When my consultant [doctor] phoned me to tell me I had PD...
  240. Parkie Pods
  241. Fox rapid response grants
  242. 24 hours
  243. PD Tulip lapel pins at YOPN
  244. R & D - R & D - R & D
  245. OT = off topic - NASA new online photos of earth -space etc.
  246. Alz. drug in UK and Singapore
  247. re-looking at M P powder (update)
  248. New Alzheimers drug slows progression 81% and.... it CAN'T be patented
  249. Two great things I found that I think can help
  250. What's wrong with the PD community?