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  1. depression treated with magnetic...
  2. white rat report: fava bean and PD
  3. Genetically modified rice has long term side effects...
  4. Aleks - Over here - Welcome
  5. How to make your own monster - part 1
  6. Stem cells from uterus treat Parkinsons in mice
  7. getting our point across at BIO
  8. Antiparkinson drug - Mucuna pruriens shows antioxidant and metal chelating activity
  9. Making a patient-reviewed list of great neurologists
  10. Webinar on failed clinical trials
  11. azilect and selective MAO-B inhibition
  12. Parkinson's - Do symptoms come and go?
  13. Stem Cells From Women's Wombs Treats Parkinson's
  14. Inhaled pollutants may inflame more than the lungs
  15. azilect
  16. Lessons Learned: How Completed Parkinsonís Clinical Studies Help Shape the Future
  17. What kills neurons in neurodegenerative disease--Open Access articles
  18. BBB dysfunction
  19. Pd orgz and pwp
  20. Hope: New Nerve Cells -- Even in Old Age
  21. I can't understand?????????......
  22. Pramipexole shows promise for treating depression in patients with PD
  23. Parkinson's disease makes it harder to figure out how other people feel
  24. Virtual stroll helps study brain
  25. using the placebo
  26. mike on colbert
  27. Pico-Tesla, the Magneceutical(TM) company
  28. Mitchondria..Cell Transplants..TRANSEURO.."10 Mountains 10 Years"..Software/Emotions
  29. Skydiving Hero Saves Woman!
  30. Curcumin reduces alpha-synuclein induced cytotoxicity in Parkinson's cell model
  31. Neuroinflammation and resveratrol
  32. Lecture on Azilect and Zelapar (zylis selegiline)
  33. Company plans to sell genetic testing kit at drugstores
  34. Zymesí Water Soluble CoQ10 Decreases Symptoms in Animal Models of Parkinsonís Disease
  35. Pramipexole & Depression....Mitochondria
  36. Why do they keep telling us about things we already know!
  37. Use of cell phones for collecting data in clinical trials
  38. business perspective
  39. Weather
  40. in defence of canadian health system‏
  41. azlect
  42. Tour my wiki
  43. MRI scanners change brain activity !!!
  44. Coenzyme Q10
  45. Cortisol and Stress in Infants...do we cause brain damage?
  46. Report to my neuro: What works for me
  47. why no cures in sight
  48. Voltage
  49. antibiotics for PD, failure of the medical system?
  50. Boundaries of what docs can do
  51. somewhat OT: Trouble sleeping? maybe it's your iPad
  53. walking while you work
  54. PAN press release about Cures Network
  55. How did you get off Mirapex?
  56. "underhanded references" to candidate's parkinson's disease
  57. Parallel brainstem circuit discovery suggests new path in Parkinson's research
  58. Apomorphine : pd medicine found to cure other malady but not pd !!!
  59. New MJFF podcast on depression
  60. Ear implant
  61. Mirapex ruined my life ibid: a PBS documentary about PD
  62. Seroquel side effects in real world...
  63. Back again
  64. Closer and closer
  65. White Rat Report: Chinese Skullcap (not American)
  66. Genetic evidence that we do not all have the same disease
  67. Grass Is Green ...And We Like It That Way-video
  68. vit D
  69. Who Do I Listen To? My Doctor or the Ice Cream?
  70. What ever happened to
  71. Why stress is such a big deal with PD
  72. Has anyone tried this?
  73. Our favorite herbs are also MAO inhibitors...
  74. COGANE: Phytopharm narrows H1 losses
  75. The KISS approach to a cure...it will take longer than 5 years!
  76. Sham Surgery Meeting June 30-July 1 in DC
  77. U of Alabama working on antibiotics for movement disorders
  78. insomnia/sleep
  79. in each state of the USA there is an info line -please try it...
  80. white rat report: amoxicillin
  81. Sinemet dosing
  82. Preserving independence: housing options
  83. What responds to Ldopa besides PD?
  84. Mentat - anyone tried it
  85. Swanson Conenzyme Q10
  86. Puritanís Pride CoQ10
  87. When you can't run and hide...
  88. Dx: "End-stage Parkinson's?"
  89. imad's ice cream post
  90. Help! my head is reeling with this information....
  91. Sham Surgery Survey-Your voice counts
  92. for de novo or newly diagnosed
  93. questions for Debi Brooks
  94. Hormones are another ignored anti-inflammatory
  95. Think acupuncture's a hoax? Think again
  96. Has any one given this a serious try?
  97. Soy boosts curcumin bioavailability, says Indena
  98. PD and Heart Rate Variability with repressed emotion?
  99. PAN Webcast
  100. Really ok to substitute ubiquinol for ubiquinone?
  101. tell your water companies in the USA -no more fluoride in my water please!
  102. NeuroDerm, Ltd. announced today the successful enrollment and dosing in its Phase I c
  103. NPF YOPD back up
  104. Six Hundred Glasses of Wine!
  105. World Parkinson Congress
  106. Has anyone ever seen this?
  107. Whats on my food.org / pesticides on our food...
  108. documentary of victory over FDA
  109. Glutathione Fails to Demonstrate Significant Improvement in Parkinsonís Disease Sympt
  110. Xanax (anxiolytic addiction and withdrawal) -please watch!
  111. Benzodiazepines are dangerous! -adverse effects!
  112. blog for web & social media questions
  113. for iioffe
  114. MDS Protocol
  115. Water Intoxication - dying for water are you drinking too much?
  116. effect of dopamine agonists
  117. The braverman nature assessment
  118. problem with walking and foot pain
  119. PD Work-related Disability Form from PAN
  120. Running a marathon can halt cell death
  121. Have you tried this?
  122. Therapy Helps Parkinson's Patients Find Their Voice
  123. Coalition Against Major Disease-ALz & PD
  124. So, what IS going on?
  125. Alzheimer's database will help lower research costs
  126. Duodopa
  127. pain in pd, my constant burden
  128. So after all these years, Dr is taking me off all meds?
  129. Copper plasma levels and neurodegenerative diseases
  130. nice pd web page
  131. Anyone hear anything about this?
  132. parathyroid/calcium deficiency
  133. FDA takes issue with 23andMe
  134. striking out with AD and PD
  135. Phase II clinical trials of Cogane
  136. Something worth trying
  137. Addex's ADX48621 nearly "abolishes" dyskinesia in pre clinical models
  138. US Army funds study on nutrition for neurotrauma
  139. interesting webcasts
  140. h. pylori genome sequenced
  141. FDA is on Twitter
  142. Genetics To Solve Why Ozzy Osbourne Still Alive
  143. Social Security Disability Insurance --lawyer?
  144. "Training BIG" Improves Motor Performance in Parkinson's Disease
  145. Gary Miller's mice have Parkinson's. Can he cure them?
  146. useful website
  147. Metaphysical White Rat
  148. Functional Medicine
  149. is the doctor right? my encountr with my new neuro
  150. OCD? Your Immune System Could Be to Blame
  151. Ibogaine/Ibocaine--on anyone's radar?
  152. patient advocacy - Lindy quote
  153. older frontline video on exercise
  154. a more recent exercise study showing improvement in advanced patients
  155. Mucuna
  156. almorexant for sleep?
  157. T. gondii cat feces and dopamine
  158. PD objective measurements
  159. About time and amen
  160. Neurologix Announces Successful Phase 2 Trial of Gene Therapy for Parkinson's Disease
  161. Sham Surgery Survey Results
  162. Parkinson's disease: the first common neurological disease due to auto-intoxication?
  163. Tylenol and Motrin Recall 2010
  164. Can Sergey Cure PD?
  165. PD ONLINE research
  166. Could The Gerson Nutrtional Diet Heal PD - it heals Cancer?
  167. Supreme Court Case a Defeat for Monsanto's Ambitions
  168. ??OT: genetic mutation+virus=Crohn's disease
  169. Fogged in
  170. Adverse effects of aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen on immune function, etc
  171. Alternative Medicine Review - wonderful resource
  172. Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)
  173. parky blog
  174. Parkinson and LTD insurance
  175. Drug "Rember" is methylene blue
  176. Got calcium? parathyroid, calcium, and vitamin D
  177. Gaucher mutation 5Xs more likely to develop PD
  178. Psyciatric Symptoms Seconday to Parkinson's Disease; Greetings to Braintalk Veterans
  179. symptoms worse after bath/shower/swimming
  180. What shall I do when I`m falling ?
  181. SSRIs, Amantadine May Affect Vision in Elderly
  182. anyone have an opinion on using ALLSUP to get disability?
  183. parkinson's serotonin and dyskinesia
  184. Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett
  185. Hi newbie for here
  186. Carl Hernz is on the loose again
  187. Parkinsons - One Safe Place
  188. off-topic message boards
  189. Serotonin and gestational diabetes
  190. Caffeine repairs the BBB
  191. OT lung cancer
  192. PD causative genes
  193. strange feelings
  194. U-M spinoff NeuroNexus doubles office size, plans hiring as its brain stimulation tec
  195. For AnnT
  196. Things we knew before science got there...
  197. Computer games help train brains
  198. need input for publication
  199. Imaging tool diagnosing Parkinonism
  200. What may PET scans reveal beyond what we know
  201. Stem cell therapy now?
  202. Drugging Our Children: Side Effects - video - please watch...
  203. Going off Mirapex and on Requip
  205. Uproar over merck sinemet shortage
  206. Direct to you from the lead researcher on the Neurologix GAD gene treatment
  207. OT - I got me a new puppy.....
  208. Parkinson's UK Sinemet Shortage Campaign - how to help
  209. You Are Needed for Two Depression & PD Studies
  210. "Like, wow, man! I,,,I mean...I mean Squeak!....
  211. Discovery of movement control circuits beyond dopamin
  212. Abnormal Sensations and internal tremor
  213. I've often Wondered.........
  214. Sergey Brin in WIRED
  215. Pseudodiagnoses leads to pseudoresearch
  216. Physician, heal thyself
  217. Ayurveda for PD
  218. New article on gait and balance issues
  219. How little they know:Why Parkinson's disease patients aren't walking tall?
  220. would this be beneficial or not
  221. Nonmotor symptoms in genetic PD (lit review)
  222. When does Parkinson Disease Start?
  223. This looks interesting
  224. Safra helps fund MJFF Biomarkers Study - Wall Street Journal
  225. NYT Article: How Microbes Defend and Define Us
  226. Nanoformulated drugs for PD
  227. Score one for Dextromethorphan
  228. Challenge
  229. It's not just PD
  230. Magnesium deficiency - and life without it ...
  231. Blue Glass Lens controls Dyskenisia
  232. caffeine
  233. Can you say "Being squeezed" boys and girls"?
  234. Add-On Parkinson's Drugs Effective Against Levodopa Motor Complications
  235. Abnormal Sensations First
  236. Anticholinergic Drugs: are they really bad?
  237. Memory loss linked to weight gain, etc
  238. UPDATE 2-Toxicology sinks Vernalis, Biogen Parkinson's drug
  239. Loss of Sence of Smell
  240. Flora Dopa Pet Scan
  241. Dyskinesia Question
  242. The International Consortium for Parkinson's Education
  243. more on thyroid
  244. Internal PD symptoms
  245. Heat Shock Protein 90 in neurodegenerative diseases
  246. The Detoxification Enzyme Systems
  247. OT: BP buys up Gulf scientists for legal defense
  248. levodopa inconsistencies?
  249. history repeats itself
  250. Dandruff