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  1. Kaiser Family: Part D...On Average Will Pay 10 Percent More In Premiums
  2. Fava Juice
  3. What we know...
  4. Who owns your body?
  5. It is not dopamin related: New Discovery On Cause Of Tremor
  6. generic azilect
  7. SIngers Have Brainwave To Improve Speech
  8. Parkinson’s disease protein impedes nerve signaling long before brain cells die
  9. Lonnie Ali on Diane Rehm Show at 11:00 am ET Today!
  10. In Parkinson's patients, brain cells lose energy
  11. NeuroDerm Awarded $1M by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for the Clinical Development o
  12. Parkinson’s disease power switch located
  13. "Breakthrough" and "Sea change" in understanding PD
  14. So which "existing" diabetes drug turns the PGC-1 Alpha "Master Switch" back on?
  15. The one true path? importance of Insulin signaling in diseases
  16. Neurologists in Edmonton, Canada
  17. Childhood trauma, stress, and inflammation
  18. Global pledge for parkinsons
  19. what to do??
  20. Neurological Exam?
  21. Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplementation Promotes Survival and Supports Cardiac and
  22. Cogane
  23. aspartame
  24. Carnitine Claims: Real or Hyped?
  25. Dystonia Advice Please
  26. USA / Questions About the New Health Reform Law?
  27. Thanks and gratitude to caregivers
  28. starting Sinemet
  29. "How did we get here?"- A perspective on the 2010 WPC
  30. Madopar - when to start taking it
  31. PGC-1 alpha
  32. FDA warns companies promoting products used in chelation procedures
  33. DBS To Treat Parkinson's: Researchers Reach Consensus
  34. possible help for cramping
  35. Key to Blood-Brain Barrier and could drug Imatinib be used for this?
  36. Those oldies but goodies
  37. Use of ultrasound to temporarily open up BBB to deliver drugs
  38. Do neurosteroids matter?
  39. His research has informed scientists' understanding that all neurodegenerative diseas
  40. What Works for Tremor, if Sinemet Doesn't?
  41. When Drugs Cause Problems They Are Supposed to Prevent
  42. Medical term for freezing
  43. Patients-like-me website is for Pharma
  44. WPC World Parkinson Pledge
  45. Do you experience pain with your PD?
  46. "Repositioning drugs for PD" from MJFF
  47. Ceregene Initiates a New Controlled Phase 2b Trial of CERE-120 for Parkinson's Diseas
  48. Help Girija - "off label"
  49. L-type calcium channel blockers and PD
  50. Quality, Quantity, and Cost of Physicians' Prescribing: A Systematic Review
  51. New regulator of circadian clock identified
  52. Parkinsons Recovery on the radio Thursday Oct 21 @11:00
  53. Pass the fat, please...controlling PD with diet
  54. Now, Bob, I'm not *suggesting* anything.... :-)
  55. Research brings cure for Parkinson's disease a step closer
  56. Happy Birthday Libra
  57. Why don't all of our neurons commit suicide?
  58. Please, does anyone else experience this?
  59. how much?
  60. Advocacy 101 - or how to get started
  61. Neurotransmitters - what have we got so far?
  62. Question for those who take Stalevo
  63. Viva! Stem cells revive dying brains
  64. how does one "cure" a parkinsonism?
  65. Patient defned PD
  66. Amgen, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
  67. A chance to make a difference (especially any Oklahomans out there)
  68. "Minding my Mitochondria" and e-stem
  69. Pain question
  70. deja vu
  71. private messages
  72. Some of our neurotransmitters might only be impaired?
  73. NBC calls out Big Pharma
  74. clonazepam
  75. Is Coconut Oil is a cure for AZ
  76. U.S. Says Genes Should Not Be Eligible for Patents
  77. Eureka! We have a cure for PD!
  78. Initiation of ON period
  79. Study: Brain energy crisis may spark Parkinson's
  80. USA / 'The Good Wife': Michael J. Fox
  81. liberal gene found and its a dopamine receptor gene!
  83. Simple method to partially heal brain damage
  84. Your DNA contains the wisdom to heal you.
  85. another reason to avoid transfats
  86. The loudness of my tinnitus equals the degree of brain damage presently occuring
  87. Is whether Parkinson's is an autoimmune disease still an open question?
  88. Lactate levels in brain
  89. MedTronic power supplies?
  90. awesome discovery about our immune system
  91. Parkinson disease study now enrolling hase 2b study evaluating CERE-120
  92. Poked by a Needle
  93. OT Caution: joyful noise associated with religion and religious holiday
  94. ot Vibration May Keep Aging Bones Healthy
  95. photos from wobbly williams banquet
  96. Bryn's blog
  97. Mouse Model Confirms Mutated Protein's Role In Dementia
  98. PAN / USA / What the Election Results Mean for the Parkinson's Community
  99. Question............
  100. Ron - Have you seen this one?
  101. research in the doldrums
  102. Beneficial effects of DHA on cognitive function.
  103. another question...
  104. Wheat again
  105. Being Humbled
  106. A great resource covering several of our current topics
  107. We don't have PD, we're just "habit impaired"
  108. Not Complaining, just wondering
  109. An account of the probs i had on high dose of DA's
  110. Patients improve after levodopa wear off: paradoxical "on"
  111. Glutathione Research
  112. somewhat OT: Wyeth's defense against evidence of ghostwriting
  113. Spreading Muscle Death...
  114. Risk taker or Not ?
  115. PARKINSON'S DISEASE IS NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS - it is a brain disease
  116. Story about medical breakthroughs in NYTimes today
  117. New treatments by Ultrasound
  118. Boston Scientific Begins Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trial Assessing DBS for PD
  119. MJF on The Good Wife tonight, Nov 9th
  120. effects of the ketogenic diet on symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
  121. ACADIA Pharma, Fox Foundation, Novel Nurr1-RXR Agonists
  122. Good Question: Do Celebrities Help Charities?
  123. These guys get it
  124. isradipine
  125. PD and Diabetes
  126. Exercising toward neuroregeneration
  127. Serious experimentation
  128. Hi
  129. Honouring our Veterans
  130. Brain Fog
  131. Cannabis
  132. Questions about Parkinson’s?
  133. USC Research Finds Licorice Extract Could Treat Brain Diseases
  134. Anyone tried high-dose Vitamin D?
  135. Calcium channel blocker decreases oxidative stress in neurons
  136. New kind of walker (Prototype)
  137. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Peggy
  138. Out of Control Symptoms
  139. New technology gives scientists better look at brain
  140. ongoing infection or operation ?
  141. you need to inhale
  142. Vectura presents VR040 positive result in Parkinson's trial
  143. Doctors brace for possible big Medicare pay cuts
  144. UK / Parkinson’s symptoms relieved
  145. Dbs
  146. Overcoming Valley of Death ?
  147. Worlds first stem cell trial for stroke patients ...
  148. PD Risk database on PDOR
  149. NPF: 7 Resources for Caregivers
  150. PD Retreat in Arizona
  151. Cigarette Smoke, Auto Exhaust and French Fries
  152. Happy B-day Jaye! 11-19
  153. What I have learned (so far) about freezing...
  154. Analyzing Speech as a Way to Measure Disease Severity
  155. ATTN DBS patients-my unfortunate event...
  156. Indigogo's radio debut
  157. MOVIE "Love & Other Drugs"causinng buzz
  158. PDF’s online seminar...Communication and the PD Partnership
  159. USA / Senate Passes ‘Doc Fix’ — But Only a One-Month Patch
  160. “Love and Other Drugs”
  161. gluten, autoimmunity, and PD
  162. Quality of Life
  163. December 4 benefit concert in Ballard !!!
  164. Neurotrophic Factors: So Much Potential, So Many Challenges
  165. DaTscan can dx PD
  166. crohn's, pd, dystonia
  167. Symptom relief
  168. NY Times: Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle
  169. Genetics in the 21st century
  170. Integrative Medicine, anyone?
  171. Help with dysphagia
  172. Thanks and wishes
  173. common link between Cancer and Parkinson's disease
  174. concerning inflammation and neuropathic pain
  175. Why women in china do not get breast cancer
  176. Sad event for Canada: Big Pharma wins at crushing Therapeutics Initiative
  177. vitamin D and mitochondria
  178. L-tyrosine
  179. PD? or is PD caused by neuroglypenia?
  180. Dbs
  181. Parkinson's begins as a potentially reversible reaction
  182. "the disease will declare itself"
  183. Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process
  184. Parkinson's drug side-effects turned IT manager into a 'sex-crazed, gambling addict w
  185. Subject: AAN Announces 10 Quality Measures for PD Care
  186. 67 drugs given to one person
  187. PUW - April 16th
  188. Ghostwritten textbook for Doctors: Big Pharma again
  189. Brain scans show effects of Parkinson's drug
  190. achy feet
  191. Blech
  192. Allon gets MJFF grant for parkinson's disease drug Davunetide
  193. A different article on vitamin D3
  194. The homeopathic revolution! -dana ullman
  195. Helen Mirren promotes awareness of PD
  196. Apply Now: PDF is looking for PD advocates for its patient advisory council
  197. FYI: Sex, lies & pharmaceuticals: How drug companies plan to profit from “
  198. AMT amends and restates licensing agreement with AMGEN for GDNF
  199. Going viral: how auto immunity in the brain looks like PD
  200. NPF: A survey study for PD patients funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  201. Dyskinesias Study Results from Phase 1/2 NP002
  202. dyskinesias: with or without agonist?
  203. In the UK, Eli Lilly threatens to delay new drugs
  204. Wii Study / Benefits For Parkinson's Patients
  205. system ph
  206. sciatic nerve pain in leg in agony - old YOPD, had PD for 20yrs
  207. Who would a thought! PD brain as art?
  208. Bucket list [Advocay - I have several buckets .l.)
  209. Why MJFox did well in the mountains
  210. Blood Test to detect onset of PD dementia
  211. Breathing / coconut oil / acid-alkaline balance
  212. Couldn't be more OT- Need help w/Maxfield Parrish
  213. 911 - levodopa carbidopa and tactacardia
  214. A guy...............
  215. Etiologies of diseases
  216. Compensatory mehcanisms....working what we have
  217. Myer's cocktail
  218. PTSD and PD
  219. Cinnamon's Healthy Benefits Get Clinical Trial Boost
  220. PD and dance ... PBS NewsHour Tonight...
  221. New York Pharma Forum
  222. Breakthrough to Cures: Using gaming to reinvent research
  223. l-dopa production
  224. Which are you: Desdemona or Othello?
  225. Do Free Radicals Really Cause Aging?
  226. StemEnhance from Stemtech.
  227. MO. neurologist fires 20 year PD patient over money?
  228. No kidding?!?
  229. I'm new here
  230. MJF: Consider getting involved in clinical studies...
  231. Impulse control disorders in patients with Parkinson's disease receiving dopamine rep
  232. Pramipexole Lawsuits a Wake-Up Call for Prescribers
  233. Belfact / study Wii / Queen’s University
  234. ZFP Therapy Sangamo BioSciences Announces Publication of Data From Prog to Develop
  235. what are we doing?
  236. looking back at the first drugs I used by RX for nausea from Sinmet- Domperidone!
  237. MJFF hot topics call
  238. JUST TOO YOUNG - the story of my life...
  239. How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health?
  240. Plea for ideas for funding for Girjia's proposal
  241. 90 years old & freezing
  242. FDA: Here’s How to Develop Drug Combinations
  243. Slow Train Coming: Pharma perps finally getting busted
  244. "Synthetic" Biology Approaches: Green-Lighted By Presidential Commission Report Today
  245. Patient Advisory Commitee: Cure Parkinsons Trust
  246. differences between generic carbidopa/levodopa cr
  247. Dr. Ernesto Novoa
  248. MJFF Funds AFFiRiS AG to Develop Parkinson's Vaccine
  249. Overly focused?
  250. Deadly Medicine