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  1. Dr. Patrick Dixon -brilliant man look's at the future of stem cells!
  2. Ashwagandha -
  3. A couple of analogies on genes and BBB
  4. Is anyone familiar with this nutritional research?
  5. Over organized and Underutilized
  6. Forum Issues and Suggestions
  7. toe curling
  8. Spheramine ...
  9. if
  10. I am thankful for all posters -
  11. Read Paulas update post
  12. Mouth Problem
  13. Talked to Carolyn in Hospital
  14. PD Tremor dominant
  15. A Love Poem
  16. motor function improvements with tandem bicycling
  17. Great news for Ceregene (gene therapy) ...
  18. off topic? VIP Cancer news/nanospheres leave cancer no where to hide
  19. Both excellent but different
  20. survey- nicotine exposure as child
  21. Good Morning America -gene therapy for PD w/patient on TV interview
  22. OT - But Important
  23. A PD Poem
  24. Mike educating electorate on pro-science agenda
  25. my yoga online -do -able exercise video sample
  26. Research News from FOX Foundation's Todd Sherer
  27. Weekly Check-In June 24-30, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  28. Resveratrol protects dopaminergic neurons in midbrain slice culture
  29. Possibly best historical review of PD
  30. lavenders use as an essential oils -and Dr. Parkinson used it.
  31. CBS news -gene therapy abit more info -video
  32. off topic - music award for Paul Simon on PBS!
  33. "Into the Light" by Ruth Whalen, MLT (ASCP)
  34. embryonic stem cells, glial cells and GDNF
  35. Ot. Flushed Away
  36. Theory du jour - "Flatness"
  37. Bipyrdyl herbicide -PARAQUAT induced Toxicity and PD
  38. Wonder thread!!
  39. I've been glued to e-book on history of PD
  40. This is the beginning of the new age of recovery from Neurological diseases
  41. Steffi's flood pictures on flickr
  42. crossing the blood brain barrier
  43. Fetal Stem Cells saving fetuses from Brittle Bone disease.
  44. PD and hip replacement
  45. Banding via Imagination
  46. Stopping amantadine
  47. Phase II Spheramine trials complete enrollment
  48. iron and paraquat early exposure in PD?
  49. BIOTECHNOLOGY - How far is too far?
  50. Azilect- When does it start working ?
  51. It's hard Steffi but what else is there out there
  52. She was a baby now she is a lesson in hope
  53. Weekly Check-In July 1-7, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  54. Women at War
  55. Don`t all run for the hills...
  56. Troop1750
  57. hugs for steffi -she is a PD patient too!
  58. A real blokes type article re. advances in wireless implants ...
  59. From An Appreciative Heart
  60. Thread For Chris -OT
  61. Spheramine
  62. Hello.......new community , past member
  63. Medical Self Defense
  64. Off Topic - NMP - do you all mind?
  65. Idebenone better and less expensive than CQ10
  66. How many PD patients have had head injuries -such as a concussion?
  67. What is Dopamine?
  68. Is Treating PD Possible With New Neurotrophic Factor?
  69. Humourous quote for the day -OT - NMP *smile
  70. maryan in hospital - broken hip
  71. From FOX site - they are zooming in
  72. Countdown to a synthetic lifeform:
  73. Americans are you tired of our horrible health care system? * link to freedom!
  74. Stalking the Mouse
  75. Weekly Check-In July 8-14, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  76. Let me introduce myself!
  77. Helicobacter pylori
  78. Dry Mouth Syndrome -fyi
  79. Carolyn
  80. Bayer USA offers job as Deputy Manager for Spheramine
  81. Two Distinct Parkinson's Networks Identified
  82. Sleepless in Canada
  83. Effect of sleep deprivation on cognition
  84. National Health Insurance -the Conyers Bill HR 676
  85. will i inherit the Gene too?
  86. Disability
  87. Neupro Patch
  88. Stem Cell Success In Helping Primates With Parkinson's
  89. Missing Link In Parkinson's Disease Revealed
  90. New Neurotrophic Factor for Parkinson's
  91. Cell based therapeutics to treat Parkinson
  92. The Stranger I've Become
  93. Crossroads?
  94. Progression of PD and URATE levels
  95. Does this ring true to you?
  96. I'm in raptures over Azilect!
  97. Weekly Check-In July 15-21, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  98. Cdnf
  99. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread...
  100. Brain scans reveal why meditation works!
  101. Damned if we do and damned if we don't
  102. Integrative medicine for PD - RX -supplementation and exercise
  103. inhibition of either COX-1/COX-2 ---> neuroprotection against MPTP-toxicity
  104. Mamma - the mother of search engines -
  105. CoQ10 treatment of neurodegenerative diseases proves safe
  106. Foods listed by protein content
  107. Pd-02
  108. A Home for Ibogaine in Barcelona
  109. patientslikeme is for-profit site
  110. Is Your Brain Surgery A Sham??
  111. EMS advice please??
  112. Changing mood
  113. a little computer help, please
  114. Steffi
  115. Tremors-Would like some quick input
  116. opinions needed, please!
  117. Grand Preview of my new documentary...
  118. NEWS: Pricing Pills by the Results
  119. NEWS: Right foods 'may help drugs work'
  120. NEWS: Patients With Early Parkinson's Exhibit Sleepiness, Hallucinations
  121. NEWS: UCB Announces The U.S. Launch Of Neupro (Rotigotine Transdermal System)
  122. NEWS: Brand-Name Companies Could Face Generic Competition On Biotechnology Drugs
  123. Remember Lavender? She's made a film!!!!!
  124. NEWS: Johnson & Johnson Division Proposes Money-Back Guarantee For Cancer Medication
  125. BBB and Statins
  126. Investigating the causes of Parkinson's disease
  127. New Treatment For Parkinson's Disease Shows Dramatic Results in First Study:
  128. About Amantadine...
  129. Weekly Check-In July 22-28, 2007 Welcome New Community Members!
  130. NEWS: Early Recognition Of Parkinson's Disease
  131. FYI - CAM for PD Newsletter
  132. PROZAC - a drug not for children/ teenagers
  133. When to stop working ?
  134. NEWS: The Placebo Effect Explained Through Identification Of Relevent Brain Region
  135. NEWS: Investigating the causes of Parkinson's disease
  136. NEWS: New Light on , Light Therapy (old news, but still relevant)
  137. NEWS: Gene Therapy For Parkinson's Hitches Ride On Virus
  138. Another Possible Parkinson's Treatment Has a Controversial Namesake
  139. Book Review: Carolyn's Journey
  140. for Carolyn
  141. NEWS: Medicare Announces New Proposed Clinical Research Policy, USA
  142. NEWS: Research to look at reasons for the formation of Lewy bodies
  143. NEWS: Parkinson’s Clinic of the Ozarks named to “gold standard” in Parkinson’s care
  144. NEWS: Put the Soda down!!...Daily soft drinks linked to higher heart disease risk
  145. NEWS: A Better Brain Scanner
  146. OT--2 moons on august 27th
  147. Natural Cellular Defense removes heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals from body
  148. The Evidence of Healing -ALL Disease
  149. Scientific Evidence you may not be able to live without...
  150. The Cab Ride (OT)
  151. NEWS: Aging Baby Boomers and Unmet Medical Needs Drive Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Di
  152. Oxygen Therapy—Is the Promise Too Good to Be True?
  153. Brushing off disease to affirm the art of living
  154. [B][COLOR="Red"]If YOU don't think this is funny YOU are not sick lol [/COLOR][/B]---
  155. Prescription mining raises millions for doctors' group
  156. Degenerative Changes That Mimic Parkinson's Linked To Reduced Dopamine Storage
  157. Can someone tell me whats going on...
  158. My White Garden
  159. Have doubts about the danger of mercury fillings?
  160. Ok we have questions don't we?
  161. Medication question-Trihexyphenidyl
  162. Glutathione
  163. Weekly Check-In July 29-August 4, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  164. DBS...Brain Surgery Found to Help Parkinson's Patients
  165. News: Isradipina anti ipertensive medicine block parkinson
  166. rotigitine/neupro patch
  167. Big PhRMA - Big KaRMA
  168. need free information for a phone number?
  169. Dietary carbs linked to vision loss...Those Diet Sodas, AGAIN!!
  170. lip-Flop 'Til You Drop island beach walk...raise $11,000 for Parkinson's
  171. 'Pedaling for Parkinson's' group hits RAGBRAI
  172. "Eyeing" Up a Treatment...retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells
  173. If it were just this simply for PD
  174. Off Topic...Sorry Gramps...Grandmas have one up on you guys
  175. OT distraction
  176. Arrian's Progress
  177. Bladder spasms
  178. Off Topic...Yippee, if you are Diabetic...Darn, if you are counting on a Generic form
  179. New PD Forum
  180. Bridge Collapse
  181. Off Topic: Minnesota Bridge collapse
  182. Shaking Up Life: Parkinson's Disease...Suggested PD Books from Library Journal.com
  183. Parkinson's patients tango their way to treatment
  184. 20,000 Miles for Parkinsons
  185. Blues go untreated in Parkinson's patients
  186. Sirtuin 2 inhibitor, neuronal cell death and alpha synuclein
  187. I have found a way into the old BT pages
  188. Patients' treatment in 2 different clinical trials
  189. Interactive 3-D Map in OR Can Better Guide Jefferson Neurosurgeons Through the Brain
  190. Ft Myers, CO College Students Serve the Comm. - Personal Trainers Help PD Patients
  191. Top cyclists come to town to ride for Parkinson's research
  192. Role of the Basal Ganglia in Category Learning: How Do Patients With Parkinson's Dise
  193. Implantable Biochip Becoming a Reality
  194. Adaptogens -what are they?
  195. ~Carolyn~
  196. Outsourcing the elderly: PD care in India - What a Concept!
  197. The reality of bad versus good
  198. Dr. Bahuleyan...extreme poverty to lavish living..joyafter donating to native village
  199. Volvo Pledges Lifetime of Cars to U.S. Doctor Serving Orphans, Mothers in Ethiopia
  200. Neuroscientists Discover Wave Patterns In Brain's Visual Processing Center
  201. advance could lead to new treatments for stroke, Alzheimer's disease, PD...
  202. Fundraiser News, UK...Four pints and a 135 miles deal
  203. Survey on SHAM SURGERY in Parkinson’s clinical research. What do you think?
  204. Tena here are the poems from the site that John said was gone
  205. fascinating stuff
  206. Weekly Check-In August 5-11, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  207. Personal PD info
  208. Anyone else going to Yale this month?
  209. Profiles
  210. YALE - A Different SPECT Scan Study is Open
  211. tolerance levels
  212. Facial tremor
  213. DBS Rouses Minimally Conscious Man
  214. old profile pages?
  215. Living longer - better - article ~psychology today
  216. Parkinson's blog can educate nurses
  217. Would it hurt
  218. citicoline
  219. Back from neuro
  220. What to do.....
  221. Off Topic...Genetic popsicle - Bacteria revived after 8 million years in the freezer
  222. muscle rigidity
  223. Setback for Novartis in India Over Drug Patent...after a court rejected a challenge
  224. NIH Grant Makes Implantable Neural Interface Possible
  225. Demonstrate The Value Of Pharmacy, Australia
  226. Demonstrate The Value Of Pharmacy, Australia
  227. FDA Approves New Dosage Strength Of Stalevo(R) For People With Parkinsons
  228. Functional Neurosurgery Innovations Can Help Many Patients W/Intractable Conditions
  229. getting a handle on moods
  230. Metal Ions Linked To Neurodegenerative Disease
  231. Medical Alert System
  232. Detection of exon rearrangements in various movement disorders by MLPA
  233. link to my book, poetry
  234. my friend (txlady's daughter) in her last hours of life...
  235. Overwhelmed! Copied Post from New Member Forum.
  236. Urate a biomarker?
  237. Antioxidant compounds have potent anti-fibrillogenic and fibril-
  238. Weekly Check-In Aug 12-18, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  239. SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL-2007 & other things
  240. We are here: X marks the spot
  241. Did you ever have the feeling you were being watched?
  242. new net virus -CNN
  243. Off Topic...FDA Warns Consumers To Avoid Red Yeast Rice Products
  244. cure?
  245. more than dopamine cell loss?
  246. Off Topic...Bringing Thank You Back, $20,000 Kindness Prize to be Presented
  247. A new study aims to prove exercise can help reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
  248. Parkinson's and Narcolepsy...New research identifies a neuron damage link
  249. Lucy’s run to help her brave father (United Kingdom)
  250. 61% Newly Dxd PD Patients Do Not Receive Any Drug Treatment in the 1st Year of Dx