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  1. Pedaling for Parkinson’s -- Full Length Doctor's Interview
  2. Walk or talk not both
  3. Unknown desires, the pallidum, and Parkinson's
  4. Parkinson's & ECT - anyone with experience?
  5. hello from New Haven
  6. Loss Of Two Types Of Neurons Triggers Parkinson's (norepinephrine and dopamine)
  7. Failed Clinical Trial
  8. This is on my mind.....
  9. Light Therapy Improves Symptoms of PD including sleep
  10. Lost Friends
  11. pain management institute
  12. Spheramine presentation
  13. For discussion
  14. Probably shouldn't
  15. Sigh...How does a cybercommunity function?
  16. Know when it's time to fire your doctor...medical or neurological
  17. Permax...Health Canada orders Parkinson drug associated with heart problem off market
  18. Boosting Our Gray Matter
  19. Another reason to have that Say No To Drugs talk with your kids?
  20. FAR OFF TOPIC...He's a Birdhouse artist
  21. Fingering the Neural Perp in Parkinson's
  22. OFF TOPIC...National Grandparents Day (USA)
  23. How do you spell Proteomics properly
  24. to tour or not to tour
  25. Frustrating perhaps but ....
  26. So Shaky
  27. The Neupro Patch Blues
  28. latest Clinical trials
  29. Isradipine Clinical Trial
  30. clinicaltrials.gov
  31. OT for Greg or Steve...anyone else
  32. New Clinical Trial Guidelines Reflect Northwick Park Lessons, UK
  33. New Research Shows How Chronic Stress Worsens Neurodegenerative Disease Course
  34. Oreos...Who woulda guested!!
  35. Hi...so sad today
  36. Weekly Check-In August 19-25, 2007
  37. Desiderata
  38. Gene therapy death update ...
  39. way off topic! *smile
  40. Beauty comes from within
  41. Taking a vacation from info-
  42. Artificial LIFE Here in Three to Ten
  43. The Comfortable Forum To Call "Home"
  44. CoQ10 vs Ubiquinol
  45. Cere 120 clinical trial
  46. FDA to consider adult stem cell trial for PD ...
  47. Abstract for Spheramine Presenation
  48. PD is a snare
  49. I need help or support!
  50. Is my lack of concentration related to ADHD?
  51. The History of Medicine
  52. Consent forms
  53. this is a good and
  54. Weekly Check-In Aug 26-Sept 1, 2007
  55. unsolved mysteries of the brain!
  56. Chat Room
  57. need help fine tuning meds
  58. I Think I have Parkinson's, but my Doctor says I'm Depressed
  59. Weekly Drug holiday
  60. OT for PD, but have ?
  61. Protein Helps Neurons Connect, Possibly Reducing Parkinson's Symptoms
  62. Choline Citrate
  63. the Herb Ashwagandha --Indian ginseng
  64. Banking Cord Blood
  65. The Eclipse
  66. oh come on.. not in here???? moderated.
  67. In the hole with part D
  68. Docs often write off patient side-effect concerns
  69. Prodest Study...Depression and PD Symptoms
  70. Fast And Simple Screening Test For Early Diagnosis Of Common Brain Diseases
  71. University of Louisville's Movement Disorder Program declared a Center of Excellence
  72. Parkinson's disease dementia is studied
  73. Did one of us travelled to Germany last year
  74. more stress about PD
  75. Family history of PD or other neuro disease. Questions for those who like to research
  76. many PD patietns depressive symptoms not responsive to antidepressants
  77. Misfolded protein diagnostic test developed
  78. Resveratrol stimulates AMP kinase activity in neurons
  79. alpha-synuclein overexpression and microtubule network dysfunction
  80. Outrageous -on TV
  81. last day for sham surgery survey
  82. I Need Some Wise Counsel....Quickly.
  83. genetics: miRNAs in Neurodegeneration
  84. monosodium glutamate (msg)
  85. Rewiring the Brain
  86. Ruling may unlock key data on doctors...A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?
  87. Placebo effect may influence depression treatment
  88. Super walk
  89. ot update
  90. Gene silencing therapy
  91. topic /laughing is good for the soul/ and health
  92. Personal Medication Record Campaigns Get Underway
  93. Weekly Check-In Sept 2-8, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  94. Passing of "Hey Taxi"
  95. Drug Name Confusion: Preventing Deadly Medication Errors
  96. i will be in dallas in oct
  97. Probiotics -what are they? and more...
  98. Excitotoxins and the effect on neurodegenerative diseases ie: PD
  99. OT - thought provoking book
  100. Talking with your Doctor about your RLS...Life in Motion Patient Webinar Series
  101. Best Antioxydant?
  102. Gene therapy on trial
  103. Students offer support after diagnosis...Six to run in marathon
  104. we have a YOPD needing mirapex info please respond
  105. a gentle intestinal cleanse first -you asked I'm*blushing*
  106. Fundraising event in Binghamton, NY...(TeamFox Event)
  107. Dr. Blaylock - on you tube - excitotoxins
  108. Seroquel for sleep
  109. An apple a day also helps brain...may also protect against damage leading to Alz & PD
  110. Interesting site here
  111. WE MOVE News...Continuous Levodopa for the Treatment of Parkinson Disease
  112. My Experience in a Parkinson’s Clinical Trial...by JeanB
  113. Busy September for Parkinson Society...Canada
  114. DIY physical therapy
  115. Staying focused can be too focused
  116. Tiny RNA Snippet May Play a Role in Parkinson's
  117. Are you taking your pills timely and as instructed??
  118. Rochester, NY...Exercise group for Parkinson's patients to start
  119. A personal stake in finding a cure
  120. Nitration in neurodegeneration: deciphering the "Hows" "nYs".
  121. Neuroinflammatory mechanisms in Parkinson's disease
  122. In Mice-rasagiline (azilect) and regeneration of dopaminergic neurons
  123. Duodenal levodopa infusion for advanced PD
  124. impact of depressive symptoms in early Parkinson disease
  125. yes, you are talented
  126. Why does a flu medicine like Amantadine help us?
  127. Inflammation and the aging brain
  128. Let Fred lead the recognition that we all know, Parkinsons kills
  129. World Expert Confirms Evidence for New 'Brain Workout'
  130. new member from Maine with PD
  131. NOT OFF TOPIC please review: there is a cure for cancer
  132. OT- This Should Have Been on Funniest Videos
  133. New Senate bill requires public reporting of payments to doctors
  134. my PG gallery
  135. Parkinson Pipeline Project...survery results
  136. This is fast becoming....
  137. Pedal power tribute
  138. Franklin Golf Tourney Benefits Stem Cell Research
  139. Couple gives $5.5 million to Ohio hospital
  140. Clarian Health Earns Neuroscience Center Of Excellence Designation, USA
  141. An SSI success story...with the help of a community, a couple of Senators and a Rep
  142. Weekly Check-In Sept 9-15, 2007
  143. Survey Results and Request
  144. How we take care of ourselves can make a difference!
  145. NEED HELP in finding report of study using byetta in Parkinson's mice
  146. Information and the Power of Advocacy
  147. WHO warns about the impact of depression
  148. SuperWalk for Parkinson's Sept. 23 at Notre Dame
  149. Video monitoring improves therapy for sufferers of Parkinson's
  150. Byetta (diabetes drug) Cures Parkinson's Disease in Rats
  151. Prelude to IND - Adult Stem Cells & PD
  152. Lipid rafts mediate the synaptic localization of alpha- synuclein
  153. Would you like to see an In Memoriam/Remembrance Thread here?
  154. The Dangers Of MSG -you may not know -by Dr. Mercola -
  155. Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and risk of Parkinson disease
  156. A Doctor speaks out on poison and the FDA @ youtube
  157. MSG, aspartame, BBB, and PD
  158. PD does so much more...
  159. Vegetarian / Vegan
  160. Definitely OT
  161. More info on ProSavin (gene therapy) ...
  162. up my meds
  163. OT- or is it?
  164. Mucuna Pruriens
  165. OT: Pain, Pain go away...Positive Thinking at Work
  166. Can't quit chocolate? Don't fret, it's no addiction
  167. Time for something lighter
  168. A Very Personal Question -by way of a poll...
  169. Can you "think" yourself well?
  170. Nuerokinetc ????
  171. Most Comprehensive Study Of Mercury In Dental Fillings Begins
  172. An experimental tool could help illuminate Parkinson's disease.
  173. Boston College profs study oxidative stress subcellular to discover its role in disea
  174. Weekly Check-In Sept 16-22, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  175. Carolyn - 3 month visit
  176. Need your help
  177. Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) Review
  178. Followup: Parkinson's or Depression
  179. Hijacking the Brain Circuits With a Nickel Slot Machine
  180. Isreali developed drug that could minimize brain damage after head trauma
  181. Compulsive Behaviour
  182. clenching my teeth
  183. TO us "retired's"
  184. Gene May Boost Parkinson's Before 50
  185. Walking May Delay Parkinson's
  186. Why does "psyche central",....
  187. Medicare Part D
  188. NIH money
  189. Insomnia
  190. DBS Post-op not going well
  191. Sparrow brains may give new insight into Parkinson's and dementia
  192. REBATE CARD: zelaCARD for Parkinson's Disease Patients Taking Zelapar(R) [Selegiline]
  193. Gene Mutations Linked to Early Onset of Parkinson's Disease before age 50
  194. WHY? WHY? does this continue to happen with Social Security...
  195. You're not gonna like this...
  196. PD - yesterday and today
  197. ?'s regarding early signs/symptoms...
  198. Adverse Drug effects on the rise~
  199. Stress again
  200. Counting the days 'til DBS
  201. fact-
  202. Neuropsychologist does what re: DBS?
  203. FAR OFF TOPIC...Did you know?
  204. FAR OFF TOPIC...About Lightbulbs! Did you know?
  205. NIH Director's Pioneer Award Won By Brandeis Neuroscientist...How will it be used?
  206. NOT TOO FAR OT...A new role for the MP3 Player!
  207. Researchers dissecting Parkinson's
  208. Specifically Amantadine
  209. second dbs for pd
  210. Weekly Check-In Sept 23-29, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  211. When the Doctor becomes a drug pusher?
  212. free info - the worst drugs
  213. Sleep...a Love/Hate relationship
  214. a list of drugs containing aspartame -known neurotoxin
  215. PD Poetry
  216. time to introduce myself
  217. dopamine info
  218. New Era in Collaboration:The Road...Parkinson's Clinical Trial Part's' Bill of Rights
  219. OT fer shur
  220. A promising new treatment
  221. a warrior passes
  222. Sleep Question
  223. PD is so Mysterious..
  224. Scientists spot sneaky “neurodegenerative” iron
  225. M.J. Fox biography to be aired. . .
  226. AUSTRALIA...Parkinson's volunteers sought for speech study
  227. Canadian concerns - drug programs
  228. Narcolepsy, Parkinson's Disease, and Lewy Body Dementia
  229. A longtime lurker, jumping in officially.
  230. Benign Tremulous Parkinsonism
  231. New York Times Blasts FDA About Clinical Trials
  232. Are we Addicted to Sinemet -(levadopa carbidopa)
  233. do you believe in stages?
  234. Stem Cell Summit to Honor PAN
  235. Weekly Check-In Sept 30-Oct 6, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  236. Sunnyvale-based Parkinson's Inst, chairman of development...funraiser, quite original
  237. I really need a friend - Please help me
  238. Videos
  239. Next time you see your neurologist...
  240. Another good reason to eat chocolate!
  241. amantadine and swelling of feet
  242. Need some information from research types on here
  243. 10-yr follow up initial use of ropinirole or levodopa
  244. EVENT: Manhattan Cruise for Alzheimer's & Parkinson's
  245. UK: Parkinson's Superwalker gives it a herculean effort
  246. Device to aid overcoming freezing episodes
  247. safe level of sinement?
  248. Anyone have sewing machine advice??
  249. EVENT United Kingdom...Parkinson's Disease Society, East Midlands
  250. EVENTS USA...October