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  1. How do you get a dx...
  2. texas bound
  3. Light shed on Parkinson's culprit..."environmental poison"
  4. Spheramine: Titan hires ex-Bayer excecutive as CEO
  5. List Of Your Prescription Drugs: Don't Leave Home Without It
  6. Have brain will travel
  7. Open Clinical Trials
  8. Hearing Loss?
  9. Stress & Neurodegeneration
  10. Dopamine transporter relation to dopamine turnover in Parkinson's disease
  11. Disability Insurance
  12. APDA, Omaha "Hands in Hands"...Parkinson's association to honor Dr. Gendelman
  13. Means Test Sought for Medicare Drug Plan
  14. FDA To Strengthen Generic Drug Program...Streamline Generic Drug Approval Process
  15. findlaw article on welding - a cause of PD
  16. Dr. L. Day - Diseases just don't happen -
  17. Genes that lower cell stress could protect against PD
  18. Off topic - Rugby World Cup (warning gloating content) ...
  19. Speech
  20. Am I Just Imagining?
  21. Shake, Rattle & Roll-2007
  22. Weekly Check In Oct 7-13, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  23. Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) 50th Anniversary Educational Symposium
  24. OFF TOPIC: Lawyer's and Engineers
  25. all have different forms of PD
  26. Medicare Audits Show Problems in Private Plans...RX Plans
  27. PDF 50th Symosium
  28. Spindle cell tumors
  29. something to think about
  30. Parkinson's Goggles
  31. Fluoride Belt. Goiter Belt. Parkinson's Belt?
  32. Klonopin user's attention - are you having Burning Mouth -numbness?
  33. Cogentin
  34. 9 reasons to enjoy your cup of coffee...
  35. Researchers create modular, multi-functional drug delivery system
  36. Knockout mice models
  37. Pittsburgh, PA...Cord blood service to debut
  38. Mixed lineage kinase inhibitor CEP-1347 fails to delay disability in early PD
  39. PD treatment strategies update; Unmet needs of PD patients
  40. Patients Bill of Rights
  41. Adverse Drug Reactions
  42. I'm so excited.....
  43. PD and Hypoxemia
  44. Neuroprotection for PD
  45. grow from within.com - a great story about having no FEAR / Anxiety
  46. Handicapped people
  47. coming out in small voice
  48. information on EFT - Conversing with the Body?
  49. a part-time job
  50. Fight for More - Parkinson's disease...Lonnie Ali
  51. Study finds that people are programmed to love chocolate
  52. Helping out those with ALS?
  53. Weekly Check-In Oct 14-20, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  54. help with 1 paragraph definition of PD
  55. PBS..."on the state of stem cell research in California"
  56. Stem Cells in The Spotlight...Q&A, etc.
  57. AUSTRALIA: Young ambassador for Parkinson's
  58. Modafinil (PROVIGIL®) Can Improve Physical Fatigue in Patients With PD
  59. Rating Scale Helps Characterise Hallucinations In Parkinson's Disease
  60. MJF and DBS?
  61. Off Topic
  62. Older Parkies - we need you!
  63. GDNF animal toxicity report
  64. Need Input re: "Meds" specifically for tremor
  65. You...
  66. Cyclooxygenase-2 is instrumental in Parkinson's disease neurodegeneration
  67. Parkinson's Sucks
  68. Take Away form the PDF 50th
  69. 10 Ways to Reduce Stress
  70. amantadine and flu vaccine
  71. If you Love me, don't feed me junkfood!
  72. Sinemet and Tinnitus
  73. NEWS: Test rates driving ability in Parkinson's patients
  74. Rasheda Ali, has joined forces with an Israeli biotech firm
  75. The Righteousness of Science,,,A local writer makes the case for stem cell research
  76. This is your brain on hormones
  77. Another one lost to PD...one of my favorites
  78. Doctors Might Not Be Considering Depression Symptoms That Are Important to Patients
  79. Garlic Health Benefits Revealed
  80. Yes, and this is a problem for so many of us...both good and bad
  81. Hair loss and sinemet?
  82. Emotional Freedom Techniques - youtube videos
  83. Coenzyme Q10, 300 mg good enough?
  84. Weekly Check-In Oct 21-27, 2007
  85. products for testing for apoptosis and mt damage
  86. Mitochondrial impairment by PPAR agonists and statins
  87. Parkinson's Action Network (PAN) 14th Annual Research & Public Policy Forum
  88. A question - pressure?
  89. New role found for brain protein septin
  90. Something for you ESCR to mull over
  91. KANSAS CITY, KS...Car Show auction benefits Parkinson's research
  92. DALLAS, TEXAS...Event: Parkinson’s Disease-Best Treatments and Latest Advances
  93. Parkinson's Not Linked to Diabetes, Hypertension
  94. Q&A...Can Sound Slow Parkinson's?
  95. Scientists Discover a Direct Route from the Brain to the Immune System
  96. informal poll - motor vs non motor
  97. Nicotine Reduces Levodopa-induced Dyskinesias
  98. OFF TOPIC: United Kingdom...Hate those greens?....could be in your genes!
  99. This Is Your Brain on Optimism
  100. Luvox side effects.
  101. Is This Just My Experience?
  102. Haven't been here in quite awhile
  103. Abe Lieberman, MD...Goodbye and Hello
  104. DBS...Parkinson's tie to impulsiveness studie
  105. Yet another gene therapy trial kicking off ...
  106. DBS activated, WOW!
  107. Depression in PD: PET study
  108. The Power of Positive Thinking
  109. PDtrials Bulletin - October 2007
  110. Odd question...symptom or dystonia or nothing?
  111. Did you know it isn't excessive salvia, but the inability to swallow properly
  112. Ages & Stages: Alzheimer's & Parkinson's
  113. Lower Frequency Brain Stimulation Effective Treatment for Dystonia
  114. Parkinson's Tie to Impulsiveness Study
  115. Maternal exposure and schizophrenia risk
  116. NEWS: NEW BOOK..."Surviving Adversity -- living with Parkinson's disease"
  117. UNITED KINGDOM: Largest ever Alzheimer's gene study underway
  118. Misdiagnosed for Years...Sufferers can have illness for years before knowing it
  119. MJFox...Who's In Charge Of Finding Cures?
  120. MJF "Accelerating the Cure" Print Newsletter
  121. "They have figured us /Parkies all out again!?" *lol
  122. WAY OFF TOPIC...New Mexico, USA...World's hottest chile pepper discovered
  123. KD5RFM, taking it All, one Day at a time,I'm a survivor
  124. portrait of an artist
  125. Thousand Oaks, CA...Team Parkinson...inaugural "Pumpkin Walk for Parkinson's"
  126. There are cures available now -
  127. OT. but it made me laugh!!! OT
  128. Additional Help Needed Re: Amantadine
  129. Michal J. Fox video
  130. Parkinson's and ALS
  131. BOOK...Tom Issacs..."Shake Well before Use"
  132. Amantadine -for therese...
  133. big bucks - big pharma - google video
  134. Weekly Check-In Oct 21-27, 2007
  135. China and Stem Cells ...
  136. Beating a dead horse: dopamine and PD - from Mayo Clinic, no less
  137. OFF TOPIC: The good and bad of this caffeinated beverage
  138. Tasmania, Australia: future generations might be spared this fate if a Bill
  139. Autoimmune hypothesis of Parkinson's Disease
  140. OT: select a candidate quiz
  141. Is it just a coincidence?
  142. Is it just a coincidence?
  143. confused.. pd or pdism?
  144. Mona.Vie
  145. Truth is irrelevant
  146. BBB update
  147. Question re: Titrating "off" Medications
  148. Painful dystonia
  149. another CT message
  150. Chemical That Triggers Parkinson's Disease Discovered
  151. Upcoming Symposia in Phoenix Nov 3 & 10
  152. Ages & Stages: Alzheimer's & Parkinson's
  153. Safer Gene Therapy? Hope For Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and MS
  154. A free collection of articles about Parkinson's disease published in The NY Times
  155. ClinicalTrials.gov...PET Scanning in Parkinson's Disease
  156. I asked myself..
  157. HI! I'm usually on the PN part of Neurotalk......
  158. Alcohol & Mirapex
  159. What are your side effects from DBS? I've noticed...
  160. Wellbutrin: Any comments from those who use it?
  161. Barr Pharmaceuticals Gets FDA Nod for Generic Mirapex
  162. Magnesium: The Stress Reliever~
  163. inhaled apomorphine approved via orphan status in the EU
  164. Stem Cell Marketing - Dawn of a New Age?
  165. OT: Touching Story
  166. Questions for my mom
  167. Drop that burger boy!
  168. A proposal for the advocate groups
  169. off topic - strange but true? yikes!
  170. The Game played by Medicare Beneficiaries Have? The Increasing Fin Burden/Heath Care
  171. KAISER: Presidential Candidate Forum: John McCain
  172. DBS Story: Rewiring the brain: An artist overcomes Parkinson's disease
  173. 2008 EVENT: 2008 EVENT...2008 Young-Onset Parkinson's Disease Retreat (YOPDR)
  174. OFF TOPIC: Reminiscing...1957...The Real Sputnik Story
  175. For those in the Pacific Northwest...
  176. Hello to you
  177. Light Of Day Pd Concert
  178. Weekly Check-In Nov 4-10, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  179. Ibby - Akathesia
  180. Intelligence Diaries
  181. Research Holds Out Hope for Preventing Parkinson's Disease
  182. South Wales: A NEWPORT charity for Parkinson's sufferers appealing for new members...
  183. South Wales: A NEWPORT charity for Parkinson's sufferers appealing for new members...
  184. Blackburn, Lancashire, UK: Now here is a deal..."Pampered for a week"
  185. Puzzling out plan options for Medicare
  186. Hey Doc! Are you reading this?
  187. rights for disabled in divorce
  188. Andy Grove speaks out
  189. FOX Foundation Rapid Response Awards
  190. pd * infared sauna * lymphatic system
  191. Why one side
  192. Opinions/experience with chin straps while sleeping?
  193. NSAIDs Protect Against Parkinson's Disease
  194. New Fluorescent Label Sheds Light On Brain Diseases
  195. Easterhouse, Glasgow...Another Story...
  196. Woman With MS Last To Finish NYC Marathon
  197. new guy w/parkinsons
  198. Highmark (USA/Medical Insurance Company) offers the ultimate get-well card
  199. Cerebrovascular Disorder Specialists
  200. One to be aware of
  201. cough medicine
  202. OT - If you need a laugh
  203. Three days without my bed
  204. alternative pain killer/ used in Europe
  205. Co Q10
  206. G'day from Australia
  207. What to expect from too much Sinemet?
  208. ERUOPE only..."Real Life Real PD Survey" (European Parkinson's Disease Association)
  209. November is National Family Caregivers Month
  210. Sleepless? Maybe it's your statin
  211. Study Of Relationship Between Statins And Cognitive Decline
  212. Cough suppressant may treat dyskinesias in Parkinson's patients
  213. Fewer U.S. Residents Purchase RX Drugs From Canada, In Part Because Of Medicare RX
  214. Boiled Peanuts, Packed with Antioxidants
  215. Exercise on the Brain..."Shut off your computer and go for a walk!"
  216. Be careful now that the cold weather is coming!
  217. St. Louis, MO/USA...Volunteers needed for Parkinson's disease studies
  218. Parkinson's controlled: learning to live with electrodes in your head
  219. new link in useful sites
  220. BBB -the blood brain barrier is injured/ by neurotoxins
  221. PD - has been around for over 4,000 years.
  222. positive role of NAC as antioxiant
  223. Europoe/UK...Clinical Trials Directive Hammered at EMEA Meeting in London
  224. Boosting Our Brainpower: How Far Should We Go? UK
  225. Dyskenisias and dextromethorphan
  226. The Birth of a Brain Cell: Scientists Witness Neurogenesis
  227. What really works? A report
  228. Miracle? No, but Q10 has promise
  229. Health insurer tied bonuses to dropping sick policyholders
  230. B Vitamins and Berries and Age-Related Neurodegenerative Disorders
  231. Decreasing meds post DBS?
  232. READ Andy Grove's speech to the Society for Neuroscience in its entirety
  233. Weekly Check-In Nov 11-17, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  234. Miracles waiting to happen
  235. Dopamine producing neurons from adult stem cells
  236. Talk about extreme exercise!!
  237. Michael Moore’s SiCKO
  238. I Am So Thankful
  239. A Parkie Poem
  240. A Giant Step. Cloned Embryos from Adult Primates
  241. All They Are Saying Is Give Happiness a Chance
  242. Starting with Madopar and being visible
  243. MJF in USNews
  244. The missing ingredient is the voice of the patient
  245. REMINDER...PDF 50th Anniversary Symposium on Webcast
  246. FAR OFF TOPIC...The origins of Chocolate...yum!
  247. Eating Fish, Omega 3 Oils, Fruits And Veggies Lowers Risk Of Memory Problems
  248. Beta Carotene Supplement Slow Down Cognitive Decline
  249. what would you like the public to know about pd?
  250. Ceregene Completes Enrollment of Phase 2 Clinical Trial for PD