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  1. Research aims to cut disparities in stroke care (AP) (Yahoo)
  2. Cancer Patients' Secondary Symptoms Need Attention: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  3. Headache, MD Has Launched Two New Facilities, One In Anaheim And One... (Topix)
  4. Failure of Alzheimera s drugs casts doubt on treatment theory (Topix)
  5. Children?s Mental Health Issues Associated with Screen Time
  6. Early Meds, Counseling Aid Schizophrenia
  7. Men Remember Womans? Initial Sexual Interest
  8. Psychological, Physical Factors Complicate Care for Chronic Illness
  9. Overcoming stigma isn't easy (Topix)
  10. An Unhealthy Childhood May Lead To An Unhealthy Stress Later (Topix)
  11. Court hears case about vaccine side effects (AP) (Yahoo)
  12. 3 Lifestyle Choices Lower Breast Cancer Risk (LiveScience.com) (Yahoo)
  13. Three Healthy Habits Cut Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  14. China mental health system 'chaotic', says charity (AFP) (Yahoo)
  15. Miners lives have changed forever (Topix)
  16. Medical identity theft is costing Canadian insurers millions (Topix)
  17. Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look: Cymbalta and Effexor: Hype Over Sc
  18. Depression: Could electric shocks while you sleep help? (Topix)
  19. School cafeterias to try psychology in lunch line (AP) (Yahoo)
  20. Pfizer banks on King Pharma's new painkillers (AP) (Yahoo)
  21. Pfizer will buy King Pharmaceuticals for $3.6B (AP) (Yahoo)
  22. Insurance, Income Don't Explain 'Race Gap' in Breast Cancer Care (HealthDay) (Yah
  23. Possible Treatment for Schizophrenia Targets NMDA Receptors
  24. WHO Takes Action for Millions with Untreated Mental Disorders
  25. Compounds For Regrowing Nerves In Live Animals Rapidly Identified By Microchip Techno
  26. Is Infertility More Common in Women with Epilepsy? (Topix)
  27. Integrated Research Network to analyze payor health policy for chronic pain medicatio
  28. Chilean miners face mental, physical trauma (Topix)
  29. School cafeterias to try psychology in lunch line (AP) (Yahoo)
  30. Study: Overtesting in late-stage cancer patients (AP) (Yahoo)
  31. Pfizer depression drug ineffective, may be harmful: study (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  32. New Epilepsy Book Edited By Nationwide Children's Hospital Neurologist (Topix)
  33. Chile Miners: Light At The End Of The Tunnel? (Topix)
  34. A Child Psychiatrist's Fears, Ctd (Topix)
  35. British psychiatry and its discontents. (Topix)
  36. Romanians, EU citizens most concerned with job security (Topix)
  37. Three Healthy Habits Cut Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  38. Insurance, Income Don't Explain 'Race Gap' in Breast Cancer Care (HealthDay) (Yah
  39. China court hears first HIV discrimination suit (AFP) (Yahoo)
  40. Have You Ever Considered Becoming a Psychiatrist? (Topix)
  41. Why genes are leftwing | Oliver James (Topix)
  42. South Africa to test all HIV patients for TB (AP) (Yahoo)
  43. Research Continues to Target Mental Decline in HIV Patients
  44. New Findings May Help Understanding of Neurological Disorders
  45. Long-term TMS Treatment Appears Effective for Depression
  46. Consensus reached on use of Parkinson's treatment (Topix)
  47. Teachers 'need unruly pupil help' (Topix)
  48. UQ Psychology Clinic Group Program To Assist With Postnatal Distress (Topix)
  49. Chilean miners face mental, physical trauma (Topix)
  50. Story from NorthCountryNow.com (Topix)
  51. In US, Hispanics outlive whites, blacks by years (AP) (Yahoo)
  52. FDA warns of fractures with osteoporosis drugs (AP) (Yahoo)
  53. Experimental drugs may tackle uterine cancer: study (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  54. Virus that causes genital warts linked to oral cancer: study (AFP) (Yahoo)
  55. UQ Psychology Clinic Group Program To Assist With Postnatal Distress (Topix)
  56. Rescued Miners Face Psychological And Other Health Hurdles (Topix)
  57. In US, Hispanics outlive whites, blacks by years (AP) (Yahoo)
  58. UK's NICE to reassess Glaxo's Tyverb cancer drug (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  59. Protein urine test may signal prostate cancer (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  60. Studies Tout Alternative HIV Regimens for Women, Babies (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  61. Nice guys usually get the girl in the end (Topix)
  62. Walking could protect brain against shrinking, US research says (Topix)
  63. Chile's Miners Heroes, But Fame Can Be Fleeting (Topix)
  64. Chile miners rescue: stress and anxiety present new ordeal for men (Topix)
  65. Mental trauma the next challenge for Chilean miners (Topix)
  66. Rescued Miners: the Psychology of Being Free (Topix)
  67. Raising healthy children subject of talks (Topix)
  68. DaTSCAN? (Ioflupane I 123 Injection) Recommended in Updated European... (Topix)
  69. Infantile Spasms Awareness Week raises awareness of IS (Topix)
  70. Walk Much? It May Protect Your Memory Down the Road (Topix)
  71. Alan S. Unis, MD, Honored by Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence in Child & Adolescent
  72. Maybe We're All a Bit Crazy (Topix)
  73. FDA may limit anemia drug use for kidney disease (AP) (Yahoo)
  74. WHO: 1 billion suffer from hidden tropical disease (AP) (Yahoo)
  75. Protein urine test may signal prostate cancer (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  76. Love, all grown up (Topix)
  77. Experts: Plight Of Chile Miners Not Over Yet (Topix)
  78. Chile Miners 'Face Many More Challenges' (Topix)
  79. Psychiatric diagnosis: Thesis, antithesis, synthesis (Topix)
  80. Have A Healthy Mind's Integrative Psychiatrists Brown & Gebarg... (Topix)
  81. 1 in 22 blacks will get HIV, CDC report says (AP) (Yahoo)
  82. FDA admits mistake in approving knee device (AP) (Yahoo)
  83. Newer flu vaccine as effective as traditional one (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  84. FDA warns 8 companies marketing miracle cures (AP) (Yahoo)
  85. Most Doctors Don't Follow Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  86. White House to go 'pink' for breast cancer (AFP) (Yahoo)
  87. Serotonin Discovery Points to New Therapies for Schizophrenia, Depression
  88. Experimental Vaccine for Alzheimer?s
  89. Do Certain Personalities Have Greater Capacity for Exercise?
  90. Health Buzz: Walking Protects Brain From Memory Loss (Topix)
  91. Injured horse rider under sedation (Topix)
  92. Eva Ritvo, MD, to Be Profiled in Exclusive Registry (Topix)
  93. Flu Vaccine May Be Safe for People with Egg Allergies (LiveScience.com) (Yahoo)
  94. Magnet Therapy an Option for Tough-to-Treat Depression (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  95. Practice Tests Really Do Improve Learning: Study (Topix)
  96. Need a study break to refresh? Maybe not, say Stanford researchers (Topix)
  97. "War on terror" psychologist gets giant no-bid contract (Topix)
  98. New Website To Help Combat Trauma Of Natural Disasters (Topix)
  99. Tribal veterans to participates in International Peace and War Summit in Cleveland, O
  100. Rabies claims 100th fatality in Indonesia's Bali (AP) (Yahoo)
  101. Most Doctors Don't Follow Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  102. Magnet Therapy an Option for Tough-to-Treat Depression (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  103. U.S. Hispanics Have 1 in 52 Estimated Lifetime Risk of HIV (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  104. Parkinson Disease symposium planned for January (Topix)
  105. Book collection donated to U of C (Topix)
  106. For Parkinson's patients and their doctors, some solid advice on surgery (Topix)
  107. Two million mental and psychological patients in Yemen (Topix)
  108. States linking prescription databases, fight abuse (AP) (Yahoo)
  109. Young Children Are Especially Trusting
  110. Feeling More Forgetful as You Age? Eat Peppers
  111. Teen Sports Participation Contributes to Overall Well-Being
  112. Compound Shows Promise for Reversing Memory Loss in Aging Mice
  113. Brain Imaging Reveals How We Learn From Our Competitors (Topix)
  114. Metabolon Extends Biochemical Understanding Of Alzheimers Disease (Topix)
  115. 10 more Chilean miners to return home (Topix)
  116. Can the Chilean miners reclaim their lives? (Topix)
  117. : Rescued miners keeping mum about ordeal (Topix)
  118. The First Qigong Conference in Italy (Topix)
  119. Career Journal: How to Deal With Stress (Topix)
  120. How to Become a Psychotherapist (Topix)
  121. NASA Imaging Technology Helps Fight Breast Cancer (SPACE.com) (Yahoo)
  122. Cancer Is a Man-Made Disease, Controversial Study Claims (LiveScience.com) (Yah
  123. Kids of mentally ill parents at higher murder risk (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  124. It's in the Blood: New Hope for Detecting Schizophrenia (LiveScience.com) (Yaho
  125. Is homophobia a factor in HIV racial gap? (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  126. SCOTT HORTONa "Psychologists and Torture (Topix)
  127. FDA approves Botox for migraine headaches (AP) (Yahoo)
  128. UK 'sunflower seed' exhibit closed as health risk (AP) (Yahoo)
  129. UCSFa s Prusiner receives Presidenta s National Medal of Science (Topix)
  130. Meditation reduces depression, fatigue, anxiety in MS patients (Topix)
  131. Tactical Police Psychology (Topix)
  132. Psychology of a disorganized person (Topix)
  133. Yoga may combat fibromyalgia symptoms (Topix)
  134. It's in the Blood: New Hope for Detecting Schizophrenia (Topix)
  135. Magnet Therapy an Option for Tough-to-Treat Depression (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  136. Winter Runners Reap Physical, Mental Benefits: Expert (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  137. Dr. Aaron MacArthur accepted as Fellow of the American Board of... (Topix)
  138. WSO Launches Call For Universal Stroke Solidarity Awareness Symbol (Topix)
  139. FDA Approves Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Headquarters)'s H.P.... (Topix)
  140. Traumatic effects of Chile miners' ordeal in evidence (Topix)
  141. State lifts cease and desist directive against local therapist (Topix)
  142. Holy Therapists! Why Batman Drives Shrinks Batty (Topix)
  143. Rise in eating disorders in adult women (Topix)
  144. Oliver Sacks: The visionary who can't recognise faces | Observer Profile (Topix)
  145. Researchers Reach Consensus on Use of Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Parkinson's (To
  146. Botox Approved For Headaches (Topix)
  147. Penny Marshall: Are middle class parents driving their children to depression? (Topix
  148. Martin Seligman, the "father of positive psychology," has Albany roots (Topix)
  149. Love Makes You Ignorant of Your Partner (Topix)
  150. Study Confirms: Whatever Doesn't Kill Us Can Make Us Stronger (Topix)
  151. Do I really need help? (Topix)
  152. Cancer activist's approach: Real, a bit irreverent (AP) (Yahoo)
  153. Celebs, big donors push Africa's war on malaria (AP) (Yahoo)
  154. Winter Runners Reap Physical, Mental Benefits: Expert (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  155. Animals may have spiritual experiences, researchers say (Topix)
  156. VBM anticipates the rate of progression of Alzheimer disease: A 3-year longitudinal s
  157. Need A Study Break To Refresh? Maybe Not, Say Stanford Researchers (Topix)
  158. Take Practice Tests To Improve Memory
  159. Study Identifies Four Groups of Pathological Gamblers
  160. A Professor Leads Bible Students Into Psychological Theory (Topix)
  161. 'No scientific evidence' of gay youth suicide epidemic (Topix)
  162. Need a Study Break to Refresh? Maybe Not, Say Researchers (Topix)
  163. Have A Healthy Mind's Integrative Psychiatrists Brown & Gebarg Broadcast Unique Breat
  164. StoneCrest Medical Center to offer free event on spasticity (Topix)
  165. Seneca South: Workshop series aims to 'strengthen families' (Topix)
  166. Eight virus types cause almost all cervical cancer (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  167. Gene found to play key role in depression (AFP) (Yahoo)
  168. German resistance centenarian Hans Keilson wins UK deal for war novel (Topix)
  169. Social Psychology (Topix)
  170. Medical Mystery (Topix)
  171. Hope for kids with dangerous inflammatory disease (Topix)
  172. Could Medicaid up flu shots to poor kids? (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  173. Psychiatrist Education (Topix)
  174. Genes aren't to blame for mental problems (Topix)
  175. CPR switch: Chest presses first, then give breaths (AP) (Yahoo)
  176. Pioneering French oncologist Mathe dies at 88 (AP) (Yahoo)
  177. Kids' Medicaid-Covered Flu Shots Put Docs at a Loss: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  178. Malaria PSA uses humor to spread disease awareness (AP) (Yahoo)
  179. Soy May Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  180. Tough Times Build Mental Health Resiliency
  181. New Insight on Stress and Anxiety
  182. Predicting Treatment Success for Child OCD
  183. Genetic Link to Depression
  184. UCSF'S Prusiner Receives President's National Medal Of Science (Topix)
  185. Dr. Oliver Sacks discusses his new book, a The Minda s Eyea (Topix)
  186. Study of brain injury hints at roots of creativity (Topix)
  187. Research Paper Format (Topix)
  188. Find out how dogs think at Umass lecture (Topix)
  189. Work: It's all in the mind (Topix)
  190. Neuroscience joins psychiatry on the couch (Topix)
  191. FDA panel backs anemia drugs for kidney disease (AP) (Yahoo)
  192. Longer-lasting options to treat drug addiction (AP) (Yahoo)
  193. Polish bishops slam plans for liberal in vitro law (AP) (Yahoo)
  194. Statin drugs may lower colon cancer risk: study (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  195. How Alcohol Affects Pregnancy
  196. Patients displaced by fire return to Alberta Hospital unit (Topix)
  197. Depression and Suicide (Topix)
  198. Kids' Medicaid-Covered Flu Shots Put Docs at a Loss: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  199. Soy May Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  200. Vigilance Against Skin Cancer May Lead to Lack of Vitamin D (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  201. Friends and family could play a role in helping diagnose Alzheimer's disease (Topix)
  202. Let Grandma go with dignity, and a familya s inability to do so (Topix)
  203. Why Canadians aren't preparing for retirement (Topix)
  204. Freud on Madison Avenue, Where Biology Appears as Destiny (Topix)
  205. Kids don't appear affected by moms working (Topix)
  206. But the methods applied (Topix)
  207. Longer-lasting options to treat drug addiction (AP) (Yahoo)
  208. Charity ride to benefit Rockmart girl (Topix)
  209. HPA Study Helps In Understanding Cause Of Encephalitis (Topix)
  210. Cell-to-cell transmission of non-prion protein aggregates (Topix)
  211. Vitamin B12 tied to Alzheimer's (Topix)
  212. Transcranial magnetic stimulation treats depression, gains favor among psychiatrists
  213. Prescription for prestige (Topix)
  214. Badly burned Texas man waits for face transplant (AP) (Yahoo)
  215. Patients protest Chinese doctor's risky surgery (AP) (Yahoo)
  216. J&J's 3Q profit up slightly, despite lower sales (AP) (Yahoo)
  217. Men with prostate cancer at higher colon cancer risk: study (AFP) (Yahoo)
  218. Health Tip: Is Your Sadness Related to Seasonal Change? (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  219. Depression, Anxiety May Raise Surgery Risks (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  220. Latinas Avoid Cancer Screening
  221. Vitamin B12 May Lower Risk of Alzheimer?s
  222. New Insight on Male Alcoholism
  223. Facebook Gibberish May Be Helpful
  224. The 'F-word' (Topix)
  225. Virtue key message of Hancock Lecture (Topix)
  226. Despite WSJ study, OSU psychology graduates satisfied with careers (Topix)
  227. Mental illness is not real? (Topix)
  228. Big VA study shows surgery checklist saves lives (AP) (Yahoo)
  229. Former UK PM Thatcher taken to hospital for tests (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  230. Hormones for Menopause Increase Breast Cancer Hazard (LiveScience.com) (Yahoo)
  231. Hormone therapy raises breast cancer deaths: study (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  232. Fish oil no help for mom's mood, baby's development (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  233. T Magazine: Artful Books | The Island of Rota (Topix)
  234. Adding Multimedia BOTOX(R) (onabotulinumtoxinA) FDA Approved As... (Topix)
  235. Technology can help your aging parents (Topix)
  236. Lower Income, Education Can Hamper Skin Cancer Care (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  237. Some With Once-Deadly Leukemia Can Take a Break From Gleevec (HealthDay) (Yaho
  238. Health Tip: Is Your Sadness Related to Seasonal Change? (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  239. Depression, Anxiety May Raise Surgery Risks (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  240. A snapshot of a generation may come out blurry (Topix)
  241. Home invasions: Since 2005, there have been 700+ in the city (Topix)
  242. Smothering Mothering (Topix)
  243. Hormone therapy linked to increased cancer risk (AFP) (Yahoo)
  244. Fund aims to help children suffering with epilepsy (Topix)
  245. Study Reveals Common Link Between Familial ALS And Sporadic ALS (Topix)
  246. Psychologists at the forefront of weight management (Topix)
  247. Alarms over radiation from thyroid cancer patients (AP) (Yahoo)
  248. Glivec study gives hope of cure for some leukemia (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  249. Some Adversity in Life Seems to Help Build Resilience (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  250. Understanding Blood-Brain Barrier Offers Hope for Treating Alzheimer?s, Stroke