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03-22-2007, 11:00 AM
So I found out that I am still anemic and started taking iron again. While reading about how much iron I should take it said 18mg (I think) so the iron pills I was taking before but stopped (yes i know, shouldn't have stopped) they are 65mg. I guess I need some input on whether I should continue to take the iron piils or are they too much with the 18mg I get in my multi vitamin?

I am still taking the B12 mythyl kind under the tongue 2000mcg once a day. Should I up that also?

Also wanted to get input about a new product I found at Costco. It is called Liquimax Complete Nutrition. It is made by YourLife. I like it because it doesn't upset my stomach. Has anybody tried it? Thanks...Sue

03-22-2007, 12:08 PM
Here are the ingredients:

# Vitamin A 2,500 I.U., Vitamin C 500mg, Vitamin D 400 I.U., Vitamin E 60 I.U., Thiamin 3 mg, Riboflavin 3.4 mg, Niacin 25 mg, Vitamin B6 4 mg, Folic Acid 400 mcg, Vitamin B12 12 mcg, Pantothenic Acid 20 mg, Calcium 20 mg, Magnesium 8 mg, Zinc 1.5 mg, Selenium 7 mcg, Copper 0.2 mg, Manganese 0.2 mg, Chromium 12 mcg, Potassium 70 mg, Citrus Bioflavonoids 10 mg, Vanadium 500 mcg
# Proprietary Herbal Complex 20 mg
(Natural Polysaccharide Fiber, Green Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Red Raspberry Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Pau d’Arco Bark Extract, Suma Root, Nopal Cactus Fiber, Grape Skin Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Citrus Pectin, Myrrh, Bromelain, Royal Jelly, Herbal Cat’s Claw Powder Extract, Chuchuhuasi
# Proprietary Healthy Aging Complex 10 mg
(Lutein Esters Complex, Coenzyme Q10, Aloe Vera Concentrate, Lycopene)
# Proprietary Soy Amino Acid Complex 10 mg
(Lysine, Glutamic Acid, Aspartic Acid, Taurine, Leucine, Arginine, Phenylalanine, Serine, Proline, Valine, Isoleucine, Glycine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Histidine, Methionine, Cysteine)
# Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6, 9) (Flaxseed Oil Powder) 3 mg
from http://www.leiner.com/LEN_OurProducts/ProductDetail_Leiner.asp?MListID=132&ProductID=1005

The bolded items, I find astonishing low. 3mg of EFAs? EFAs are a macronutrient, you need them in gram size. Typically EPA would start at 120mg in a 1 gram capsule. Flax oil would be 1 gram minimum. So 3 mg is rather a joke. 10mg of Amino Acids total? 1mg each...? also a pittance.

Products with proprietary mixtures in general sound nice, but rarely deliver much of value.

Vit D and folic acid are good, but the rest are in the RDA value range, and Chromium and Selenium extremely low. The Vit A is not explained as retinol or betacarotene either. (sometimes there is a mix of both).

Liquid products usually cost more, than tablet forms.

Not all the iron in a product is absorbed. (unless you have a genetic error called hemochromatosis). Most commercial iron products are made to be
therapeutically useful. FDA controls labeling on all iron. What does your label say as to elemental value? What product is it?

03-22-2007, 12:33 PM
Hi Mrs D. Thanks for the info. Bummer on the liquid vitamins though. I should have known too good to be true. Can you recommend any liquid vitamins or should I just stick to pills. Also a brand or type of multi vitamin that can meet most if not all of my needs in as few as pills as possible.

The iron pills are just some that I bought at CVS. The label says iron 65mg is that what you mean by elemental value? They are the CVS brand. Do yu have a recommendation?

Thanks again Mrs D. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us...Sue