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04-30-2007, 07:34 AM
Not yet another problem. I already have chronic low back pain from an epidural, full body fibro and RSD - now this new problem.
I went into the kitchen Sat. AM and immediately passed out on the floor. Got up and felt OK. Took 3 steps and passed out again. This time - not OK. Excruciating pain across the middle of my back, can't twist or turn, bend over, etc. Actually worse than lower back pain - more debilitataing as it is higher. NOt sure if I should get an MRI, Trigger Point Injections>>>>>This happened Sat. about 10AM. It is now Mon. AM and I am still in agony. Went on the internet and it said ice and rest first 24 hrs. Did that. Now I'm doing heat.
Anyone here have these symptoms.
Maybe I should post on the back pain forum - if there is one.

04-30-2007, 07:43 AM
If you passed out on the floor, did you call your Dr. and let him know this? It needs to be addressed. There has to be a reason you did that? You might want to call your Dr. today and talk to him about it.

The MRI won't hurt to have I don't think. It's not invasive unless they have to give you some kind of meds to make things show up better inside. As far as the triggerpoint, they usually are just shots of Mericaine or lidocaine, Ketatime or something else and it's usually just for the area that the pain is in to calm that area and the referred pain. They do work great though.

I think you still should call your Dr. though and let him know about the fainting so they can maybe find out why you did it.

Take care,

04-30-2007, 07:44 AM
POst on pain forum and get what help? YOu need to see a physician, and fast. I'm not going to speculate on WHAT damage you may have done to your back; we are not doctors here. You MAY have seriously hurt yourself. Call 911 if you are in excruciating pain. Tell them that it's not an IMMEDIATE emergency, so that they don't come with sirens blaring, but that it is a DEFINITE emergency and you need help as quickly as possible
DOn't be a hero by trying to treat yourself. And don't MOVE your spine. Nerve damage is nothing to sneeze about, it's serious!:(

04-30-2007, 08:33 AM
Hi Sydney,

Couldn't agree with ol'cs more - passing out is not something to be taken lightly, you should get yourself checked out as soon as possible, if not sooner. Remember, the "passing out" may not be connected with the back pain, your back might have been hurt by the two falls. The body has its own methods of getting your attention and signalling an emergency, passing out is one of them.

As we often say here, not everything is RSD...but if it is, a check-up will tell you - hope you get yourself sorted out OK very soon, please take care of yourself,

all the best :)