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03-26-2008, 10:44 AM
"One day I went to the computer and typed in T-r-i-g-e-m-i-n-a-l, almost closing my eyes.Somewhere in there I read about my new pain and it had a name. Anesthesia Delorosa. I found neuro talk and a brand new world opened
up. This is how I met Burntmarshmello and found out she has the same pain
that I have. I'm now writing to others and found a lot of people that are suffering from pain but are so positive. I have learned to let go of my bitterness and found I am not the only person that has TN or TN pain.I truely believe that when you see your Neurosurgeon, he will direct you down your own path with courage and faith. Meanwhile, you have many, many friends
at neuroTalk. You know friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are there. Everyone has a story.
Truely a believer, D. Bug7 " ---
I wanted to say thanks . I am finding the same thing . . . alot of people living with the pain but continue to be so positive. I found there are more then I thought, when I decided to let go of anger and bitterness , blame , shame and all the many "little strings " that attach to you when living with this.
I have been trying to throw my thanks to some who have helped me in diffrent ways to do that. I meen I got brave and sent my face pain poems to the Trigeminal Neurlagia Association and they posted all of them up under support. I thought :cool: that was pretty cool under support. You deserve a thanks too because mostly what got me brave enough, or kept me brave enough is all the other people and the replies . We should all tell our stories because everyone has one and in telling or sharing a little bit... others find they are not alone just as much as I do. You left one of my favorite replies under one of my poems and it ment more then you know . Thanks and many thanks also for your nice words and mostly your sharing and caring. :hug:
You are like one of those stars . glad we met :)! Sending you healing, low pain wishes,a blanket of strength.