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Originally Posted by dyslimbic View Post
Ditto. The moderator there made out like i was a war criminal for doing it!

Personally i think they are
In my opinion, Adolf Hitler's Deutsches Reich of Nazi Germany has nothing on

I got "canned" from by Moderator2. In another life I'm thinking maybe he was one of those "Jack-booted, Brown-shirted SS Troopers" you could find goose-stepping through Berlin in the 1930's!

I'm gonna call him "Klaus".

Anyway, "Klaus" gave absolutely no specific reason for my banning from except an email that said, "INAPPROPRIATE POST".

To this day I don't have a clue about why I got banned from! ZERO! NOTHING!

Regardless, it's really not worth my time to "appeal for reinstatement" to

I just simply could not be bothered.

At best, is just a mediocre forum.

There are much better health forums out there on the Internet without having "Klaus" constantly looking over your shoulder!

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