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Default Opposite Lyrica problem?

This my sound weird, and I'm probably not in the right arena, but I'm trying to wean ON the med, not off. I need help with the pain of RSD in my face, jaws and neck. I had 5 stellate ganglion blocks in Feb and it was a miracle of help. I weaned off Fentenyl patches and the other anti-seizure meds I'd been on. Unfortunately, it only lasted about 4 months and the pain is coming back and has been for the past almost 2 months. About a month ago, I had 2 more injections. I caught an upper respiratory infection about 2 weeks ago. The coughing is not all.
I had started on 25mg at night for 2 weeks and 2 days ago I increased to 50mgs out of desperation. I want to give the medication a chance to work, but I feel SO weird, kinda like brain zaps or withdrawal symptoms from antidepressants.
Any suggestions?
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