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Default Given that--

--the iron levels are fairly consistent with supplementation.

Have you had low iron levels with associated with anemia in the past? That is very common in celiacs, who have trouble absorbing iron due to the villious atrophy, but it is also not uncommon among women with heavy periods (with or without celiac).

It does look like you should be supplementing with Vitamin D (the D3 form, not D2--the former is much better absorbed, and available over the counter). We have a major Vitamin D thread in our vitamin and supplements forum to explain all this and dosing protocols:

"Feeling better" is very subjective--but for many people it takes many months to 'normalize" after eliminating gluten--the villi don't heal and recover function quickly. And, you have to make sure you aren't getting inadvertently glutened from any source--even personal care products (toothpaste, shampoos) can contain gluten ("modified wheat starch", "binder", "thickener") and reading labels assiduously has to become second nature.
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