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Default To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

Hi, Pepper,

I really feel for you on the sleep deprivation, as I have the same problem due to chronic pain (I have TOS)…

The trouble with Zanax is, not only is it addictive, but it is absolute hell to get off of should you ever decide to stop taking it. The physical withdrawal sx are bad enough, but even after you've successfully titrated off of this med, certain sx persist for as long as eighteen months (e.g., feelings of derealization and depersonalization - which are absolutely dreadful!) after you stop taking it.

A couple of thoughts for you if you'd like to try some safer alternatives: 25mg is a very low dose of Trazodone, and you could ask your doc to up the mgs considerably (I think I was taking as much as 100 - 200 mgs before it stopped working), to see if you can sleep restfully without the addition of a benzo or a hypnotic. The price won't break the bank, either!

Also, amitriptyline is good as a sleep aid (cheap, too!). Chronic Painers like it because it also helps to address nerve pain issues. I take 25mg at night and I am sleeping much better… And I am a hard case, believe me!

Good luck in slumberland. Sleep makes all the difference, doesn't it?


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