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Default B12 deficiency --

--is quite common among celiacs, who may also malabsorb numerous other nutrients.

Fortunately, treatment is easy--I would recommend lifelong supplementation through the oral route of at least 1000mcg/day of an activated B12 such as methylcobalamin (not cyanocobalamin, as up to 30% of odler adults have problems with conversion of that form due to polymorphisms regarding methylation chemistry; since it's now cheap and easy to get the methylcobalamin form there's not reason to even take the cyanocobalamin form).

You can take even larger doses initially--up to 5000mcg/day if you want. The idea is to flood the system with B12 that can be passively absorbed at a small percentage of the dose, bypassing the gastric absorption mechanisms which are not working well. In time, stores of B12 will build back up. Make sure you take this on an empty stomach (at least two hours after or one hour before eating), as it is easy to interfere with this passive absorption if any fiber is around.

All celiacs should be blood tested for nutrient levels--including those like magnesium, copper and zinc that are not included in a standard chemistry panel.
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