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Default could this be ALS?

First of all i want to thank the community for helping people like us who have questions. I know its not easy as some of you can't speak,type etc,,

1-my 3 big concerns are feeling weakness in my joints. Like when i walked the one mile sometimes i would get off path a little. Is it normal to not go 100% in straight line when walking or jogging?

2-and my throat with food getting stuck. Or atleast that's the way i feel

3-Also when i am talking, sometimes i just don't know what to say and i have to stop think about what i was saying and than talk. I just started noticing that today. Its like i am talking and all of the sudden i have to stop or i forgot what i was talking about. Or don't know what to say next. Its like words might be coming out a little harder

I went to see a Neurologist on friday here are the test she did

1-She had some sort of a vibrator and she put them on my ankles,kness/joints and elbows and asked me to tell her when i stop feeling the Vibration

2-She hit me with a small hammer on my knees,ankles,elbows etc, i didn't notice much but i did notice my left knee jerked a little.

3-She did not notice any muscle weakness(she was a tiny women so not sure how much pressure could she really put on me)
4-she didn't notice any Atrophy

5-She didn't notice any twitching
6-she did my eyes exam and made my follow her finger with my eyes

7- she made me walk on my toes, but i wasn't balanced a little(is it normal to not go straight when walking on toes?

8-She did the same asked me to walk on my heels and there i could go a bit straight with more balance

9-she asked me to stand on toes and that was hard
10-she made me stand on my heels which was impossible, i could stand on heels but had no balance

she made me walk in a straight line with me feet one after the other and that was kind of hard. I can walk but going 100% straight wasn't easy

She told me she don't think its ALS. She said i scored 21 on my Anxiety test which is high. She did schedule a EMG for monday(yes quick service)

Here are some questions i have for community:

1- how does clinical weakness start? do you just one day wake up and can't lift your foot or can't use your leg? or does it start overtime of feeling weak in feet or leg? For me personally i am feeling quite weak in my knee and joints on my legs. I just walked about a mile and half a feel a little better

my left thigh is twitching on and off
my left foot is tingling/twitching on and off

2- this has me really worried and i forgot to ask the doctor(she did check my tongue though)

I feel like my face,cheeks and area around my chin is stiff/numb
I feel like i have trouble swallowing, i feel like when i am eating something there is some piece of whatever i am eating that gets stuck. But in reality i don't think anything is getting stuck. Like if i notice something or feeling of something stuck i drink water and feel better

sometimes i feel like there maybe a LUMP inside

3-sometimes my left hand starts to twitch and my right hand has tingling feeling. But nothing is permanent. it comes and goes

MY EMG is schedule for lower body both legs and one arm. Should i also do it on the other arm just for peace of mind?

also during EMG can they check out the throat area through emg test?

I read online that a lot of these could be stress related or anxiety related?

Any replies and feedback will be appreciated and i want to say Thank you and God bless in Advance

Thank you and i hope there is a cure for this very very very soon
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