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Default nuerontin for nerve pain

1. developed for epilepsy then after clinical trial found to work on nerve pain also. it works to stop siezures.
myself i have had 4 back surgeries starting in 7-08 2 herniated disc at s1 to L5
L5 to L4. 5 -11 3 level fusion with out hardware was supposed to be put in but was not.salvage surgery 8-12 to repair screw up severe nerve damage to L5 nerve bundle from conpression i have foot drop on left foot chronic low back pain at all times i have been on pain meds since 7-08 80mg hyrdocodone a day, 1050 mg of soma a day, 2700 mg of nuerontin a day. so i now have scs pain stimulator implanated 1-15. i am weaning off the drugs except the soma it is a muscle relaxer that works good for me the vicodin i have been weaning for a month now slowly with long term use the 2 week withdrawl that the pain dr's tell you is b.s. you will get the creepy crawlies bad if you take a large dose like i have you are a junkie just a legal one. with nuerontin it can from 1 to 2 months depending on the dose and length of time 4 years for me my rx guy says that sudden withdrawl at my high dosage could cause a siezure even though i am not epileptic. the scs is working so far i can now sleep all night which i haven't done in years as far as pain you can program it for different areas they now have hi-def programs in my scs that deliver a very smooth pulse some people like that pulsing sensation mine will got to 10.5 volts d.c so it will light your *** up.
the nuerontin would let me know when i was working if i went too long before dosing again i was at 8 hr intervals just like the vicodin i would get the creepies as i call them nervous stomach itchy feeling etc. try some edibles you know what kind i am talkin about i tried some on a trip to colorado 2 years ago they worked great for my nerve pain and back pain but some folks still have the stigma about cannabis. i smoked for years but then quit because ya just get tired of trying to find it all time i live in redneck land so.... there ya go. just my 2 cents from a veteran pain guy
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