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Default Thyroid and FM connection

I struggled for 10 long miserable years trying to get what I believed was a sluggish thyroid and no help from an MD. Lots of anti depressants but no thyroid help....depression was big for 10 yrs.

Then I called my osteopath MD and talked thyroid with him and he called in Armour desiccated thyroid support and the 10 yrs of depression lifted. That was in 2002.

But in 1999, I went thru an emotional trauma which pushed my body into a mass of concrete tightness....fight/flight/fright syndrome. I believe had my thyroid been "fixed" the FFF may not have occurred....

I believe thyroid support is HUGE with FM help. Too many are not helped as the docs go by numbers, we are not numbers...we are symptoms of many issues, which are also very much FM symptoms.

I take all supps for FIBRO and deal with OA and a hip replacement mess in 2010.. For pain it's MSM powder 3 times per day, Ibuprofen 2 two times per day and Pain RX herbal for pain in between ibuprofen.

I take a lot of other supps too and am aging, 77 this year. So I was about 61 when given the FM dx...I've always wondered about this dx as I was seeking thyroid help from this endo who told me I had FM. Never heard of it before 1999. So that's it for now and I also worked up a good sleep combo and get 8-10 hrs pretty good sleep nightly. C
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