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Originally Posted by Auntie Audrey View Post
Yet again, I would like to return to the points specifically mentioned by Diandra to start this thread.

As I look back through the responses so far, most of the comments have discussed use of supplements and alternatives such as taking OPCs, avoiding aluminum, the effectiveness of Prevagen, and eating your fruits and vegetables.

Does anyone here have an opinion about questions posed directly by Diandra in her original post, such as whether or not the elderly with dementia should be subjected to lengthy testing procedures, or if medications like Aricept are dangerous or effective for them?
Thanks Auntie Audrey,
I appreciate you steering the thread back to my original question.
As I watch my poor Mother, whom I love dearly, progress in her dementia....I am astounded at all the dumb advice I get from the medical profession and it just seems to be a money generator. This dementia will progress, the meds like Aricept only made her dizzy and cognitively "fuzzier". To me, common sense dictates to do with what we did back when people were just called "senile".
We kept them home and cared for them and loved them. My Mom is most happy with that level of care.

I was hoping to hear experiences like yours although I am so sorry to hear what your Uncle went through. Alzheimers and related diseases are a tragedy but from my experience, love and attention is what is needed in abundance, not drugs and never ending tests and evaluations. I attend a support group for caregivers and am horrified at what American Medicine has these caregivers go through and what they make their loved ones go through. If all these tests and scans and assessments produced valuable info it would be fine but after attending these meetings for 2 yrs, sadly, I never hear anything new....the advice is a drug like Aricept, or to place their loved one in a facility. It is sad for those who can no longer care for their loved ones themselves and we are approaching that and it is heartbreaking.

My post was from last fall....basically I was just venting because I was frustrated. I was so mad at what this doctor did to my Mom....she purposely pushed her to see how confused and agitated she could make her and she made her almost cry....that was totally unnecessary and quite cruel. My Mom said,
"Do I ever have to go back there????". I said, "No Mom, never...that doc was a jerk and we are never going back." The relief on her face was incredible....we then went out for big hot fudge sundae and all was right with the world again.

Thanks Audrey....all my best, Diandra
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