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Originally Posted by kiwi33 View Post
Diandra, I am not a clinical health professional but (day job) have published some work on the basis of Alzheimer's Disease.

I think that the evidence is clear that Alzheimer's Disease is not "one disease" in the same sense that cancer is not "one disease". Rather, it is a multitude of conditions with some clinical signs in common. That means that a "one size fits all" (dietary supplements or anything else) approach is unlikely to be generally effective.

We have a lot more to learn about this.

On a personal note, my mother-in-law died from Alzheimer's Disease. She forgot everything - in the end-stage she was unable to recognise a photo of her husband. My wife and I did the best that we could as did her care team.

She died peacefully.
Thanks Kiwi,
I agree it is probably multiple issues.
You and your wife deserve a pat on the back.
Dying peacefully is all we can ask. I am sorry for your loss but hopefully you feel good knowing you both did your best.
I appreciate you sharing your info and experience.
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