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Sphingolin was discussed on this thread. Look for the highlighted red.
Idiopathic, Full Body, Small Fiber Neuropathy since 11/2013. Symptoms include altered sensation in toes; constant tingling/vibrations in feet and lower legs; intermittent tingling in temples, scalp and face; full body "buzzing" in the morning; referred sensation in feet cause by touch; occasional bouts with severe cramping in my feet and legs; when flaring, full body burning.

Metabolic issues: FBG -90 A1C - 5.3 with glucose spikes over 200, can't metabolize alcohol, high LDL. Genetic mutations contribute to glucose issues.

Current treatments:
  • Omega 3's - Fish Oil (2400 mg EPA, 1200mg DHA), 2000 IU D3, 200 mg Magnesium Threonate,
  • 5 mg Meribin Biotin for low-normal biotinidase levels.
  • Low carb "back to the farm" diet
  • Quell TENS unit, 5% lidocaine patches, magnesium cream
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