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Originally Posted by mrsD View Post
Use Sphinoglin at your own risk. Read all you can about it...and see if you trust the makers to provide safe bovine sources.

I really don't think ANY bovine source is safe for nerve tissue in food or supplements. It can just be that the prions haven't been found yet in sources, claiming to be safe.

Not all prion information is available remains a very iffy problem.
While I respect everyone's wish to pursue any treatment or any form of relief, and I know how tempting it can be to try almost anything, I am also very skeptical when it comes to believing the cattle/bovine supply is safe.

Several "health centers" in a nearby city are prescribing all kinds of bovine organ and tissue extracts for their clients. I look at the bottles and the information on the manufacturers. I also look at the prices. The various bovine supplements these centers are providing are not high quality anything.

Very frightening.

I cringe at some of what these "health clinics" are doing. It's so absurd! So very disconcerting.

Just for example: An acquaintance of mine goes to one of these practitioners. On the same day my friend was told the health center's testing confirms "beef" is toxic to him, he was prescribed 3 different "bovine extracts" for ingestion 3x daily, for each bovine extract. This was not an attempt at some kind of "desensitization" to beef. When asked about this, the practitioner had replied that she knew of no other method/ source/approach. Utter nonsense.

I am not implying members on this thread are, in any way, duped.
I am relating the fact that some "health practitioners" (and some) clients show little to no concern for the sourcing of any supplements, including the use of bovine derivatives. Some companies and practitioners seem to lack some common sense, while others seem to be lacking in ethics.

Having grown up on a bovine farm, having visited the slaughterhouses -- I have seen some of the beef cattle brought to slaughter. Some look extremely ill.

Please be sure your sources are as pure and as safe as possible!

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