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Originally Posted by Anki View Post
I had the endoscopic removal on Monday (3 days ago). I was out of the hospital yesterday already. I don't see any changes in my memory and for the head ache I take tylenol. Part of the cyst's wall could't be taken out (there is a vein draping it), they burnt the edge and hopefully the cyst won't regrow (the doctor said he is not expecting a regrowth). I do feel tired, especially after talking. Today I'll start walking a bit outside, and see how it goes. I hope I'll heal fast and easy, with no complications along the way. All the best to everyone who's dealing with this! ...and to everyone who's dealing with health issues!
i am in the same boat as you describe above with the cauterization, after 10 years I sometimes think tumor is returning in the way I feel. Planning to neurosurgeon soon.
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