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Default Need help with lab results

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a new headache specialist who suggested that I try a gluten-free diet. After researching this, I thought I might have Celiac disease based on these symptoms: chronic nausea, abdominal pain, depression, low levels of globulin and total protein, low vitamin D and B-12, unexplained weight loss, headaches, and facial nerve pain.

Before starting the diet, I asked my doctor to test me. The nurse called the next day and said "no evidence of Celiac disease." This morning, they finally posted my lab results online. I'll copy them here-
Immunoglobulin A, QN, Serum (MG/DL) 24 (normal range 91 to 414)
T-Transglutaminase (TTG) IGA (U/ML) <2 (normal range 0-3)

Should I be worried about the low IgA? From what I read online, the low IgA level will skew the TTG result.

If anyone can explain this to me, I would be very grateful. Thanks! Cheryl
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