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Janieg, for sure you are doing a lot of your own research.

Back in 1991, and I was 53, I was having a hard time after menopause times. I'm trying to recollect it all but I remember finally going with Premrin as that is what all the doctors were giving to women. I don't know if it's still around or not.

My breasts got rock hard and then I started to do what research I could via Alterantive Medicine Magazine that I was subscribing to. AM is not pro premrin. I did get off it and don't recall how long it was until I "found" integrative MD's.... Thinking back, one the first bloods that Dr. Gruenn did was DHEA. I never heard of it. I was low. Maybe I was in my late 50's just don't recall all the timelines. I was put on DHEA and have been taking it ever since. I get my DHEA levels monitored annually and feel this is the right path for me and breast health and my daily iodine.

During all these years too I was living with a sluggish thyroid and for 10 yrs the MD I was seeing dismissed it all and went by the lab numbers.....not symptoms. Long long saga on that issue.

Anyway, I really trust Life Extension Foundation's work and all their research and thought I'd post this informative link.


So my thoughts on breast health.
OA onset at 18, now 79. Fibro onset at 61, Hip Replacement "mess" 72 (nerve damage, IT band damage, shorter leg). Otherwise, pretty good health.

Most important supplement: grape seed extract
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