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Karen, I know that this will sound generic, but dear, you really have no reason to feel guilty about your son. When you think of all the parents who can do just about anything with their kids, but then choose not to...well, they are the ones who have real reasons to feel guilty.

Giving your son all the love you have is the greatest gift he'll ever have in his life! My youngest daughter was five years old when I became ill, and she has spent nearly the past five years spending most of her time with me. We read books, watch movies, and have a really good time, but I know that she has given up many things she would like to do simply because of me, and for the longest time that made me feed terribly guilty. But then I finally realized that I should be proud of her, because even at her young age she was capable of figuring out what was most important in life.

I do so hope that you get your help, and manage to make this the greatest year that you and your son have ever shared! But please don't waste one minute of it feeling guilty.
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