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Originally Posted by Diandra View Post
Hi All,
I was just authorized by my pain doc to receive medical marijuana.

I asked him how it will be supplied, a pill or what. He said he just gives the authorization and I have to go to the dispensary and discuss with the pharmacist and he/she will suggest the best method. Pain doc also said it come in two kinds. THC and CBD, and I should make sure I get the CBD as it is more effective for chronic pain. I have no idea what that means but I am just about to research it.

I was wondering, for those of you who use medical MJ, how was it supplied to you(pill, vapor, edible, etc) and did you find it effective for pain or neuropathy.

Thank you.
i can tell you from personal experience
it works
awesome for nausea
my hands and feet get a slight relief
upper right back fibromyalgia that is killing me slowly
my headaches
and other subtle calms
a short term relief
but this body does get help from it
i have had dispensary a BUSINESS
removal of the thc causing a feeling of high
mild mellow relaxed feeling when one has no ailments
BUT, for those that do have problems
this my personal experience and opinion
with much love
someone who cares
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