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Does having no bad effects with taking hot showers
And with hot tubs rule out MS? I only get shaky and
Blurry vision in hot weather. An opthamologist ruled
Out ON. I am putting off getting the MRI's due to insurance
Reasons and having to pay out of pocket. I have had buttock weakness
This past summer to point of barely able to walk. Have had that in past
Too. Now all my muscles from waist down are tight and
Sometimes painful. I also have buzzing and vibrating sensations, muscle
Weakness in buttocks, legs, shoulders, hands. Weakness comes and goes depending on how active I am. Also pin pricking, warm sensation down backs of legs, low voice tone, tight band feeling around lower leg that lasted about 3 weeks, memory problems, balance issues in the dark and sometimes for no reason. This is 2nd time my PCP mentioned MS. 1st was in 2011 with similiar symptoms but neurologist said no MS. I've been tested for vitamin deficiency, lyme, other normal things they test you for. All normal. What do you all think?
Is it possible to have MS if hot showers & hot tubs have no effect on you?
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