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Well, it will depend a lot on you Diandra.

Edibles take longer to take effect, though last longer. CBD is thought to lower the "high" of THC, or perhaps is proven <woke up due to this fine weather change> so perhaps a hybrid will suit you well to offset any disagreement to that feature. I never minded it myself in the past...

Hoping that when NYS passes I fet the choice, though I am happy you have it now. Talk it over with dispensary personnel.

When we were in Colorado and I was able to check out how it affected my pn it was limited, as most indicas I wanted to try were behind the medical wall for some reason (could have been the dispensary- I went to two). They have the higher CBD. Hybrids should bring both to the table, though usually are dominate indica or sativa (higher THC).

PM me or ask here, either one is fine. I've done some research during these morning hours and am happy you have more choices. Good for you!

My best,

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