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Default Potassium RDA

I've questioned the potassium issue for a long time. When we are deficient in potassium we are MORE FATIGUED for starters.

The other day in my doctor's office my BP was too high. Granted I was under added stress from a thyroid shortage I was dealing with and locating her new office location. Plus I had cut one BP med in half for some months and thought I was OK, guess not. But also the potassium issue.

She said are you getting enough potassium? I thought I was BUT talking to a friend today and she deals with CFS, she said she takes over 1000 mg most days spread thru the day besides the foods she consume. Then she told me the RDA and I was in shock.

Folate and thiamine pull potassium from our bodies. And I take both these a double double whammy I think.

So I'm upping my potassium even more gradually as I know for sure I'm not getting enough with foods. Do your research, talk to your doctors etc.
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