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I would love to see pictures of your little baby Bella. When you are finally able to figure out how to upload a picture of her, please do that.

I have a particular love for herpetology and most of that love is for iguanas. I have done extensive research on them over the past 30+ years and had my first one when I was around 8. The last one I had, Sally whom I have mentioned a few times in this thread, I had for almost 8 years. I had to give her up when my Husband and I became serious and moved in together, he hates reptiles. Although I seriously miss her, I do love my husband very much and have no regrets of giving her up. If the time ever comes where I can care for another, I wouldn't hesitate one bit on raising another.

Take good care of your little Bella. She sounds like a real sweetheart.


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