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Default Help overcoming a fetish

I am a 23 year old male , university graduate, and am normal except for one thing: I have a fetish. It all started when I was about 11 years old just entering puberty. I discovered that I was absolutely obsessed with thongs (underwear). I wouldn't wear them or anything but loved to see them on chicks especially if they were showing out of a chicks pants. I did not like any other style of underwear except for thongs and it was specific like that. I never really questioned it when I was younger but it became sort of an obsession. I was definitely not very social during this time and also in high school. I subconsciously felt weird about it but didn't know how to explain it. Like my friends and everything had it so easy because they could be turned on by normal stuff like boobs and butts but here I was that loved chicks wearing thongs. In fact I would only date girls in high school that wore thongs that's how strong the fetish was. During my 20s I became more socially aware and grown up and realised that I had a fetish this whole time. It has made me feel like a freak and a pervert. Like how can I be attracted to a piece of fabric it doesn't make any sense. I feel like an outcast , like I will be alone on my own my whole life. I don't want to objectify a woman because of the type of underwear she wears. Through high school I began to experience severe anxiety. I was put on anti depressants which drastically lowered my sex drive. On the times throughout many years where I have come off them my sex drive has come back strong and again my fetish comes back . I am on antidepressants now and actually kind of like the fact of having no sex drive after coming to this realization. I would rather have no sex drive than feel like some sort of pervert. Is there a way to get rid of a fetish. I just want to be normal
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