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Originally Posted by JoanB View Post
Hi all,

Was wondering if there were any updates on experiences with MMJ and pain relief. I have been searching for an answer to my neuropathic pain (I have MS) for about eight years, and after all that time, I've tried everything. I guess I'm looking at this as my last hope. Since it's not legal yet here in PA, I've tried this option "off the grid" so to speak, but it didn't turn out well. I couldn't wait for the effects to wear off--and to think that it seemed like so much fun back in the 70s!

I'm just hoping it would be better more refined strains, especially something with higher CBD and lower THC (my, the stuff they have these days is so much heavier on the latter than when I was a kid!) But isn't it ironic that with them keeping it illegal, someone who doesn't want to get high can't find the stuff that won't zonk them out?
Is something a person should not have to if the high can be taken out for those who experience it in a negative way because of the THC SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE SUBJUCTED TO the "high"
for many it help calm them too
It help me want to eat I seem to forget and I can't afford that
Worried about everyone else but ME
It should be available without the THC
A patient should have the choice to choose
My daughter and her team of doctors are all on board with her
use of it

There was a program not to long ago
Of persons who seek the medicine for the young child
he was risking his life for as it isn't legal yet and this baby was suffering over three hundred seizures in a day
Where he was on a farm like land where the THC is not in the herb
Why wouldn't the big brothers be on top of something they know without DOUBT it WORKS
Any relief I welcome as I cannot take any of the medicines to take for the nerve related problems
The fibromyalgia on my upper right back
A direct result of my cervical neck surgeries
Oh jeez I'm getting angry remembering the days I was once able to do the things I love such as cook GONE
CAN'T stand for to long
CAN'T sit for to long
Can't walk for to long
Can't lie on my right side
It hurts and burns so badly I want my skin pulled from my back
Going on three weeks now
No indication of letting up
Pray weather will get better it has much to do how my body will behave though I must say I do get some needed relief
What else is left
someone who cares
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