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Thanks, eva. I did a little more research on the status of the MMJ bill in PA, and it's very discouraging. A bunch of idiots are trying to add tons of amendments to it that will make it impossible for it to ever work. For example, it must be prescribed, but anyone like a doctor or nurse who prescribes it has to have a reserve of $2 million in cash for liability or something. And it has to be FDA-approved MMJ, and of course, there is no such thing!

As for just getting it passed in any form, the PA Speaker of the House refuses to even bring it up for a vote. If they'd just vote on it, it would pass, but he won't let them. He's got some personal bugaboo about it--I read he had a melt-down in a meeting where he broke down sobbing (

Then, even if they ever do get around to passing it, it probably won't go into effect for another few years. All I want is to stop feeling like bees are stinging my feet 24/7. Why is that so terrible? What is wrong with these people? Arrrgggghhh!

I did read something the other day about a cannabinoid chewing gum that might be available by 2017 (I know, still a long way off)
Maybe it will be helpful for other conditions too!
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