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Default Headaches - uncertain type, don't know where to go from here

My introduction post goes more in depth, but, in short, I had a closed head injury in 2006 resulting in a frontal lobe contusion that seemed to heal appropriately, however triggered depressive symptoms. Then in 2013 I had strep that tracked to my spine and I got osteomyelitis of my Cervical spine, epidural abscesses, meningitis and abscesses in the lower part of my brain. I had multiple laminectomies and a C1-C5 fusion as well as a craniectomy and they removed part of my cerebellum (lower part of brain, behind the brain stem). Since the surgery I've developed a post-craniectomy neuroma (basically nerve tissue entrapped within the scars) and pretty significant headaches.

I did get migraines most of my life, but they weren't common and responded to triptans. These are far worse than any migraine I ever had and respond to absolutely nothing. The only thing that works is knocking me out until they go away, which can take a couple days. They're not consistent with migraine symptoms or cluster headaches. Last one I had a couple days ago, I tried everything recommended for headaches - I took Benadryl, Compazine, toradol injection, ibuprofen, relpax, Imitrex injection, prednisone, Neurontin and a couple oxycodone. They did nothing. When these happen, my head hurts to the point that after 24 hrs or so of agony, I've honestly considered taking my own life (and I'm not in any way suicidal on a normal basis, I do have depression, but it's well controlled).

Can anybody relate to his. Does anybody have any recommendations? I'll try anything at this point. They don't happen often, maybe every two weeks, with my usual baseline 5/10 headache daily. But when they do, they're so, so bad. They're interfering with every part of my life. I'm kind of at a lost of where to go from here.

I'd appreciate any feedback anyone has.

Thanks in advance.
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