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Default You are correct in most cases

There is congenital heart failure on my mothers side
I have a apical defect of my heart
Because my cardiologist recommended the stuff back in 1995
As my beats per minute has gotten in numbers up to two hundred and on rare occasions much higher
Just to be more descriptive
It was not a panic attack
For certain my body was awaiting the Xanax taken by two everyday
My body is used to that time
I am not even close to weaning off afternoon dose of 1mg
For now it is my morning dose I started weaning off of
Thursday will be four weeks and not near reducing that any lower yet
It "will" be a long process

I remember my very first panic attack
It was in the fall of 2002
It was a sunny beautiful day
I was laying on the couch it was coming around sun set time
I sat up for a moment as I was watching television and Corissa four at the time playing
I remember still sitting on the couch I turned my head to the left to look out the window
A wave of fear came over me something I never experienced before
I thaught a bomb had hit in my back yard NYC and it be nuclear
nature because the color I seen out my window and how it reflected on the bluestone of the monastery next to us
It had a deep orange red hue
I was waiting to be fried with my child in a nano second
And my other children were either working or out with friends
It was just me Corissa and the dog
The next thing I was feeling
My hands feet head sweating
I never passed out in my life
I do not know what that feels like
But darkness began to come from my peripheral vision
I quickly put my head between my knees began to concentrate on my breathing
Breathing oh how important is this in my life now
This was my first attack

There are two friends of mine who had heart attacks from such withdrawal symptoms but they to had heart problems
and addiction with one

You are a sweet gem
Following my story
My life
Hoping to make positive changes in my life
and sharing it with the world
This a place I found doing homework on failed cervical spine surgery it was i think back in 2013
I wonder how to check that out
But thank you for your support
I means the world to me
Hoping you in return the feel good feel
someone who cares

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