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I am just in season 1. I love Reg E Cathey, who plays the BBQ guy. I hope he isn't deep cover and is just flavor character. He is great in just about every show/movie I've seen him in.

It makes me uncomfortable how much they likely draw from real source material. Sure, it is Vegased up, Hollywood effect and Aesop twist to boot, but really I bet a lot of it is very close to home.

But seeing Alt Universe Queen Humperdink and Kevin Spacey play another face of evil just as devious as SeVen and The Usual Suspects, well I can't resist an episode here and there.

I kid a bit about the evil, but he certainly is as manipulative, that is my reference point and you have to give me that.

This is in short bursts though. Joel Schumacher directed the last episode I watched!
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