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This morning I woke at 5AM and was fearful that I could not go back to sleep. So instead of an inositol capsule, I took a Calms Forte' tab and slept until almost 8:30AM and could have slept longer but forced myself to start getting up. Was dreaming again too. I hope that others are trying some of these with success. A person on another group is talking about the **** of ambien and wants off it, but her doc keeps pushing it...grrrrrr Many are advising her to get off it on her own, slowly etc...I think she says she is taking it over 3 yrs and still having tough sleep.
OA onset at 18, now 79. Fibro onset at 61, Hip Replacement "mess" 72 (nerve damage, IT band damage, shorter leg). Otherwise, pretty good health.

Most important supplement: grape seed extract
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