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Arrow Helpful information for new posters here

Check it out, there's something new (almost) every time!
This message was compiled from the suggestions of a whole bunch of posters. It can be helpful in understanding the information specific to this site.

Here are some abbreviations and terms we tend to use, in no particular order.
AED - Anti Epileptic Drug
Neuro - neurologist
E - Epilepsy
TLE - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
RTL - Right Temporal Lobe
sz - seizure
CP or CPS - Complex Partial Seizure
SP - Simple Partial Seizure
GM - Grand Mal seizure (now called a tonic-clonic seizure)
TC - Tonic-clonic seizure (formerly called grand mal)
A - Absence seizure
EPI= Epileptologist
dx = diagnosis
JME-Juvenile-onset Myoclonic Epilepsy
Catamenial epilepsy - seizures somehow connected with/related to hormones and the female cycle
VNS - Vagus Nerve Stimulator, an implanted device that can help control/stop seizures
DBS-Deep Brain Stimulation, a form of surgery where a stimulator is put in the upper chest with wires & electrodes attached
to the brain, stopping or cutting back on the amount of seizures.
Deja vu - (deja vu = French: already seen) - a sense of having felt/experienced/done something already.
Jamais vu - sort of the opposite of the above: the sense that NOTHING is familiar (even though it really should be).
JL - John Lester, the great guru who manages the Braintalk forums
CCC - Cut the Coconut Club - refers to a group of members who have had/are considering having brain surgery to correct seizures
VEEG - video EEG - this is where they put you in the hospital for several days (or more) hooked up and watched on camera at all times. Helps in identifying the seizure focus, or in finding seizures a regular EEG did not pick up. Getting the glue out of your hair has been the topic of many discussions here!
AEEG - ambulatory EEG - this is where you are hooked up to an EEG machine that you 'wear', then you go home with it. Usually 24-48 hours.
Neuropsych - Neuropsychological testing - a series of tests (written, oral, manipulation, etc.) which are designed to help understand where in the brain you are processing information. This abbreviation may also mean Neuropsychologist: a doctor specialising in this field.
Kindling - this is a theory that not all neurologists agree on. It says that the brain "learns" to seize, by seizing. You create neural pathways (get better at doing something) by doing something repeatedly, so theoretically the brain gets better at seizing. Under this theory, it is important to stop ALL seizures, not just most.
Auras - the distortions of perception - simple partial seizures that come before a complex partial or grand mal seizure
Ictal - the period of time that is the seizure.
Post ictal - the period of time after a seizure (often includes confusion, sleepiness, exhaustion), which leads us to
Inter ictal - the period of time between seizures
Status (or status epilepticus) - a condition of continual seizures (of any kind) that can be life-threatening and requires emergency attention.

For women mainly: many of the anti epileptic drugs cancel out the birth control pill. Check with your doctors to make sure that you are not going to have any surprises.

In reference to med dosage:
bid - twice daily
tid - three times daily
qid - four times daily
po - orally, by mouth

At the top left of your page it says FAQ -- that's for Frequently Asked Questions. Click there for some really helpful stuff!
And "bump" is when someone thinks the topic is important enough to go up on the list so that everyone else has the chance to comment on the topic (when you reply to a topic, that moves it to the top of the list).

IMHO......... in my humble opinion the way
ROTFLMAO........rolling on the floor laughing my _ _ _ -off
DH.......Dear Husband (likewise, DD for Dear Daughter, you get the idea)

Smilies - to put smilies IN your message, see the Smiley Legend...To the left of the field you type your reply into;click-on-it and you will see a list of how to make smilies in your messages. Please be VERY careful about using ones that MOVE! They can cause problems for people with sensitivity to moving graphics. You will not see the smiley until you "submit" your message.

Remember that this is a bulletin board, not a chat room. You may not get an immediate response to your question, because members are 'on' at different times of the day (and different time zones!). Allow your question several days, hopefully including a weekend, before you conclude you've gotten all the answers you will get.

Some helpful tips: please try not to write in all capitals, as this is considered "yelling" in the electronic communication world. ALSO it helps readability if you break your post into paragraphs or sections, rather than confronting the reader with a 'wall' of text.

Searching past posts - people new to the forum usually need to know that they can find a lot of information about a question in past posts, if no one's around to answer right away. You can search for either a subject - ie Tegretol, complex partial seizure, status, etc., or for past posts by a specific member, by nickname. Do this by going to the top right hand side of the posts, look under post new topic and click on the search button on the far right.

Graphics - some of the posters and readers here have trouble with moving graphics. If you put them in your thread, please note "Graphics" in the subject line. Likewise if you refer someone to another website with lots of moving graphics, please try to mention that.

Useful Websites - in one of the bands at the top of this page is a "useful websites". This is a compilation of interesting sites specific to Epilepsy. Check it out, and/or add your own to the list. There is an awful lot of information out there!

If I have left anything out, please post a reply to this message, and I will edit to include your information. Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions.
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