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Default body tremors

Originally Posted by Makhi View Post
Hi all. I am 29 yrs old. I have been having body tremors from last 6 months. It started with a feeling of vibration/tremors in my trunk when I put my legs down from a raised position and in my shoulders when I put my arms down from a raised position. Now it has spread to my entire body. I can feel it in my face (when I smile), wrist, ankles, toes, fingers, arms, legs and even neck when I move these body parts. Since the time i have got tremors in my neck, I can feel a lot of pressure on my neck. Since last two days i have been feeling a light sensation of vibration in my left side of the body while sleeping, like as if a cellphone is vibrating.

I got a series of blood work done (CBC, ESR, Thyroid, glucose, iron, vitamin b12, magnesium, lyme, catecholamines etc). All tests are normal. I even saw a neurologist and got an MRI for brain which was normal too (The doctors ruled out MS based on my MRI and Parkinsons & ALS based on my symptoms). The neurologist diagnosed this as Physiologic tremors. Now my GP also does not have any more tests that she can run on me. I asked if I needed an MRI of my spine but both the Neuro and my GP said the test would be inconclusive since the tremors are all over my body.
Finally my GP prescribed me with a beta blocker - Propranolol, and asked me to resort to techniques like acupuncture and some relaxation therapies. I don't want to take the beta blocker because my blood pressure and heart rate are normal and i dont want it to become low (beta blocker usually lowers the heart rate and blood pressure).
I am super worried and stressed out that its more than just Physiologic tremors because the tremors are spreading everywhere and just that no one is able to figure out what it is. Has anybody experienced such symptoms and have any idea what this might be? I am going crazy with these symptoms!! Could anybody please help?
Dear VQuote:
blet4 times aday
I, too, have body tremors. Mine started as a small tremor in one arm, eventually the tremors occurred in the entiire right side of my body. From there they spread to the other side as well. The worst tremoring for me is in my left jaw. My jaw goes back and forth - sometimes for hours on end. It nearly drives me crazy. Along with these tremors I have extreme fatigue wherein I really can't accomplish anything and the only th ing that makes sense is to go to bed. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease for the past nine years. I had been taking 450 mg of carbidopa/levodopa every two hours day and night for quite a long time. When my jaw tremors worsened I was prescribed two 25/250 carb/levo, two 25/100 carb/levo every two hours day and night plus 200mg of Entacapone - one tablet four times per day with the carb/levo.

I had one good day since startiing this regime and I have had lots of days of being more miserable than I was before the changed prescription.

I get some relief from the jaw tremor by putting strips of cotton fabric (strips cut from a handkerchief) in my mouth to keep me from lacerating my inner cheek with my teeth. I've tried a mouthpi ece but that practically gags me. I can nearly stop the tremoring jaw by lieing down and taking deep breaths blowinig the air out through my lips. Chewing gum also gives me some relief though I start salivating too much -- and I already have a problem with too much saliva resulti;ng iin embarasssing drooling.

There you have it. I hhope others will write in about jaw tremorss.

Good luck in getting an accurate diagnosis.

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