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Originally Posted by MelodyL View Post
Hello. I have breakfast with a good friend of mine, on the weekends. This morning she told me of her dropped bladder problems and that she leaks (she changes pads all the time, the leaking is getting worse. She uses a pessary (she inserts it herself about every 6 weeks).

She's tired of all this leaking (she says she can feel herself leak). Her urologist told her she could have a vaginal mesh procedure and they would also do a hysterectomy and take out her ovaries and she said 'Whoa, what's wrong with my ovaries?" and he said: "You are almost 80, what the hell do you need your ovaries for?" She doesn't want any of this. She heard that the vaginal mesh thing has lots of lawsuits and she's afraid.

I told her I would come here and pick your brains and see if there is an alternative option for woman who use a pessary, use poise pads, still leak, their doctors want to insert a vaginal mesh and also do a hysto.

I'm reading all your postings and getting the willies. OMG, what you women have gone through.

Does she have to live with the leaking for the rest of her life? Should she get the vaginal mesh done? Her doctor said this would LIFT her bladder. It seems it hangs down. Never heard of this pessary thing. Is there AN ALTERNATIVE to this vaginal mesh thing?

Thanks to anyone who can reply. Much appreciated.

Oh, FWY, she's almost 80, looks younger than 60, works full time, is very small and slender and take high blood pressure meds. Has bad knees but hey, she's 79 and still works.

I hope someone replies!!

Thanks, melody



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