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Because of the use of narcotic meds, I had (and still have) severe constipation. I had no idea that a woman who had a complete hysterectomy could push her bladder to where it could be seen almost like the top of a baby's head. I was told being without the uterus; enabled my bladder not only to drop; but almost push out.

Needless to say;unfortunately, I went to a regular urologist (women should always go to a Urogynyurologist; did not know this at the time). A Pessary was first used (a piece to insert vaginally to push the bladder back up); did not like doing this nor was it very comfortable. (I never had issues with leakage at any time; just the dropped bladder.)

I finally did agree to have a sling put in to raise my bladder. This was about 7 years ago. There is a procedure when having a Cystocele that should be done at the same time to be sure the small bowel from the rectum does not come down. The Urologist I went to did not do this; he told me years ago they would tact this area down so the small bowel does not drop down, but was found this to be unnecessary. "Well, I don't know what book or where he heard this; but Not So". "This procedure needs to be done at same time".

Within a month or two, my bowel started to drop and the next year I had to have a Rectocele to fix this problem. I was very upset because now I needed to have surgery again. Had I gone to a Urogynycologist this would have been done during the Cystocele. (The Urologist also closed my surgery with mesh as well as having used the mesh sling.)

I did seek out a Urogyny who did my Rectocele surgery the following year. He said closing should be done with your own tissue and not use mesh to close. So needlessly, I had two areas with mesh; one that didn't need to be since my own tissue could be used to close. My Urogyny closed my Rectocele with my tissue and not mesh.

There is a lot of cons about using mesh. I have not had issues with the mesh sling holding up my bladder (but closing with mesh was unnecessary to add to the mesh issue).

I do not understand why this doctor wants to remove her ovaries at this age. What is the advantage? I assume your friend is seeing a gynycologist; but again needs to see a Urogyny who incontinence/bladder issues is one of their main focus. Since my bladder dropped so far;, a sling was probably necessary. But in many cases, the bladder can be tacked.

I hope this may have been of some help. I do not have leakage/incontenence issues. Although as I am getting older; I do need to get to the washroom when Mother Nature is calling and not delay.


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