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Hi razzle51,

I was just in the same spot of considering a new bed (mattress, specifically as I have a new box springs, but OLD mattress).

My mattress seems very comfortable to me but when I woke not long ago with very significant hip pain, (which I did NOT have when I went to bed), it took weeks for me to finally think that my OLD mattress could be at least partly to blame.

OK, after MUCH research, I finally decided upon a hybrid mattress. It has the traditional springs but above the springs it is also covered in a combination gel foam. The gel provides a cooling effect and prevents the warmth one gets from just the foam. I tend to get hot while sleeping so this was a tipping point for me to choose this type.

I postponed delivery so I am not yet sleeping on it. It will be delivered in the next few weeks. I will let you know how it is after I have slept on it.

I spent several HOURS in the mattress store, trying all kinds of mattresses. Some felt great BUT the salesperson said, try the ones I felt best for me, longer, not just a few minutes.

I began with what I thought was my favorite of the 3 that I had narrowed as my choices. The first few minutes were fine but as I laid there longer, I began to feel warmer. The mattress seemed to be throwing my own body heat back at me and this was a traditional mattress. The one I finally selected actually felt better and better the longer I laid there.

I would suggest that you try the same, stay on them for at least 15-20 minutes when you narrow your selection down a bit. I brought my own pillow from home and laid there like I was actually there to spend the night.

I just hope I am as satisfied with it once it is delivered. Wishing you the best in your quest.
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