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Smile Adjustable Air Mattress

Hi Razzle and Hopeless,

It's quite a job to find a comfortable mattress.

Congrats, Hopeless, on spending so much time on thoughtfully picking out a mattress.

I have spent a lot of time and money on mattresses of all types. I do not like spending the money, yet I have to be comfortable and I need to sleep as well as possible. I have definitely learned I get what I pay for. So many mattresses sold out there break down quickly. I have found, for the most part, I am very disappointed in most standard mattresses these days.

The review Hopeless wrote is great! Great suggestions!
Many of the foam mattresses do hold heat, in my opinion. I have bought two in the past and I was very sorry I had done so. Sales people will adamantly tell me their foam mattresses were designed to not hold heat; however, I have found they do hold heat. Lots of heat.

Many people write about enjoying a spring mattress with a gel or foam top -- or a separately purchased topper. I have seen this, repeatedly, on arthritis forums, etc. The hybrid type of combination seems to make people very happy.

I have had my best luck with mattresses which hold air.
I have had 2 Comfortaire mattresses I enjoy and I do recommend people take a look at Comfortaire. I have no stress points on my body when I sleep. The mattress firmness level is adjustable and can be changed. So very comfortable! If I spend the night on a different mattress, I am immediately paying a price. My guests sleep on a Comfortaire and often rave about the comfort level. (When looking at beds/mattresses online, wait for some of the large sales if you can do so. These sales come and go. It's possible to get incredible savings by watching for the sales.)

Many companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

We are all different in our preferences.

I wish you the best in your quest for a suitable, comfortable mattress.

Love All Around!
May we have the courage to live from our hearts, to allow Love, Faith and Hope to light our paths.


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