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As fetishes go this one on the surface seems relatively harmless and innocuous. It's about how you are reacting and dealing with it that seems to me to be the issue. You use the words "freak and pervert". What's freakish about it really? Not to give TMI but my spouse of 40+ years and I enjoy sex that includes thongs and other flavors of erotic lingerie.

Seem to me the anxiety and depression sound like bigger issues than the thong fetish. I'd suggest seeing a therapist that works with patients with depression, most of them also can deal with sexual disorders. Sounds like you know this already but antidepressants are notorious libido killers, can cause ED and inability to ejaculate.

Best to you.
What Happened: On November 29, 2010, I was walking across the street and was hit by a light rail commuter train. Result was a severe traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures (skull, pelvis, ribs). Total hospital stay was two months, one in ICU followed by an additional month in neuro-rehab. Upon hospital discharge, neurological testing revealed deficits in short term memory, executive functioning, and spatial recognition.

Today: Neuropsychological examination five months post-accident indicated a return to normal cognitive functioning, and I returned to work approximately 6 months after the accident. I am grateful to be alive and am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my life.
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