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Here is more on Pain-RX, I own no stock and buy from company with best price and service.

There is a thorough write up on this Pain "killer" reducer, calmer, it does this for me.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Pain-Rx -

I'm seeing a new DC and DO both work from same clinic and the DO is adamant about me getting off Ibuprofen. Says linked to heart attacks/strokes, probably keeping my BP elevated and would a patient rather take an opiod that is more likened to the body. But these opiates cause constipation and I won't take them. He wrote me two scripts and I'm not going to fill them.

The DO is working with dextrose prolotherapy for my joints and says the ibuprofen works AGAINST this work, so threatened to stop this work if I didn't get off ibuprofen. So...I'm leaning on Pain-RX and Arthritis Tylenol to keep moving and his work now.

Read the documentary on Pain RX and how it works.
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