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Originally Posted by DavidHC View Post
If you search under my name, you'll find all that information. Here is the 'my story' bit, which might be useful:

For me, a paleo (most of the time paleo ketogenic) diet and stress reduction are essential. Without the diet, I would not have been able to stop the progression or at least even slow it down. The moment I go off my diet I feel it. For example, for me gluten is poison and the symptoms just explode if I touch it. I basically have a diet akin to the autoimmune protocol described by the Paleo Mom, but something I really keep down or even out the fruit to achieve ketosis. I also use all sorts of supplements, some of which are vitamin D3, benfotiamine, natural vitamin c (not ascorbic acid), B12, NAC, digestive enzymes, folate and others.

Hope that helps!
Very interesting, thank you for sharing.
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